Now Kas Saed must be consistent and reject the new American ambassador.

Now Kaïs Saïed must be consistent and reject the new American ambassador

The referendum on the new constitution was a true charade. This is the least we can say after the publication of the preliminary results. With the exception of Watania 1, which has become the current regime’s propagandist tool par excellence, all the Tunisian media have criticized the results and pointed out the glaring inconsistencies. There are three obvious ones, namely the inconsistency between the results of the regional bodies for the election (Irie) and those of the central bodies (Isie), the number of voters that went from 2,458,985 to 2,830,094, while the voting stations are already closed, and finally, the number of voters exceeded the number registered in the constituency of Tozeur.

In response to the controversy, Isie claimed a file error. Big shameless lie, the argument doesn’t hold water. She then fired Amor Bousetta, chief of staff to President Farouk Bouasker. The scapegoat scheme is worn out and no longer deceives anyone. Finally, the spokesman for Isie, Mohamed Tlili Mansri, threatened criminal action against anyone who doubted the results. But, Mr. Mansri, you, your boss’s name is Farouk Bouasker and your boss’s boss is Kaïs Saïed, my boss’s name is Tunisie! Your numbers are bogus, your arguments are not credible, and we don’t need to shut up!

Legally, the provisional results must be published 48 hours after the vote. Isie published these results before retracting them after the gross “mistakes”. A week later we still don’t have the right table. Isie was content to publish the slides of Irie without giving the “corrected” global figures. To date, Isie still hasn’t given the official participation rate. Technically, Isie is illegal as it still hasn’t released the preliminary results.

Since the turnout of 30.7% was declared erroneous, we must therefore fall back on Mr. Bouasker’s last rate, ie 27.54%, which represents about 2.458 million voters. It was given, warmly, on July 25 at 11 p.m., an hour after closing time. A priori, and I mean a priori, it is this figure that poses a problem for Isie. It is lower than the number of people who elected Kaïs Saïed in 2019 (2,777,931 voters) and it sounds like a disevolution for the President of the Republic. That’s where it all started. They would have tried to hide the numbers to please the president. But even when it comes to makeup, they proved to be incompetent.

In any case, and whichever figure is used, turnout is very low, more than seven million Tunisians left the polling stations on July 25, and it is enough to say that the referendum was a failure.

In response, several countries have expressed their concern about what is happening in Tunisia. Some have rounded corners, like the EU or Canada, others have put their feet in the water like the USA.

The perfect opportunity for the President of the Republic to cry foul, to confirm that Tunisia is sovereign and independent. Her foreign policy puppy immediately summoned Natasha Franceschi, Chargé d’Affaires at the US Embassy in Tunisia, to officially protest the press release of the US Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, but also the recent statements deemed “unacceptable” by the US Ambassador in the future in Tunisia, Joey R. Hood.

Kai Saied’s regime has hit the nail on the head. During the week, and while we were talking only about the alleged election fraud and the Isie circus, many rallied behind the president to condemn the intolerable American interference. First to react, the courtesan president, Brahim Bouderbala. The UGTT, which has been completely silent in recent weeks, issued a stirring statement.

Why were European and Canadian responses accepted and not American? Basically they all say the same thing though. Their remarks are almost identical to what we ourselves say in Tunis.

It is the fault of the Americans, and especially Joey R. Hood, for raising the subject of normalization with Israel. Out of stupidity, ignorance or arrogance, the future ambassador touched on one of the most sensitive subjects. I recall in passing that the statement is not intended for the general public, it is internal remarks made before the Foreign Affairs Committee of the US Senate.

It was the perfect opportunity for the president to backtrack on the statement by playing on the nationalist fiber. This tactic works every time. Donald Trump, Marine Le Pen, Viktor Orbàn or even Vladimir Poutine know the vein well and use it wonderfully.

Suddenly everyone forgot about the Isie controversy. The debate is no longer oriented towards his hypothetical fraud, we are now only talking about meddling and US imperialism!

Nationalist discourse is acceptable, however populist and unrealistic it may be. Why not after all! Let’s ditch Western democracy and explore the unique model of its excellence. And since the president with excessive powers wants nationalism and refuses to interfere, let’s go in his direction. ” No to imperialism, no to zionism, no to normalization, down with the sell out, toz fi America, long live the revolution “.

Having said that, invite the hyper-president to be consistent in his policy and above all to have the means for this policy.

Let him do like Putin and close the associations and media that are funded by the Americans. That he invites his government to stop negotiating with the IMF. That he is asking the Army and law enforcement to stop the U.S. Army’s training and upgrade programs and to reject its financial assistance. Ask them to cease all military maneuvers with the Americans. That he no longer cooperates with the CIA, FBI and NSA to fight terrorism. Let him impose a visa on them. Above all, in the name of national sovereignty, that he refuses the appointment in Tunis of Joey R. Hood.

The truth is that Tunisia is not independent and never has been. Its sovereignty and independence are theoretical. It actually isn’t. Even European states are not independent. They are obliged to follow the dictates of Brussels to the letter. Ditto for the US, which is at the mercy of lobbies and big capital.

The concept of sovereignty and independence is a good slogan served to gullible people. The people love to have this nationalist fiber in them caressed.

Foreign interference is intolerable, yes. But Tunisia is so dependent on its foreign partners, led by the EU and the US, that it cannot turn its beautiful slogan into reality.

Kaïs Saïed’s cries of Orfray do not turn into concrete actions. It won’t do anything against the US or the EU because Tunisia is too dependent on them.

Orfraie’s cry of Kaïs Saîed had only one aim, to divert our gaze from the masquerade of the referendum and to caress the nationalist fiber of the people in the hope of gaining popularity. In this his populism achieved its goal.

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