Near Cholet, the new cultural season at Espace Senghor

The new cultural season at Espace Senghor in May-sur-Èvre is now open. The first date, Friday 23 September, will be a double event: the presentation of the season, and the start of the Débroussailleuses festival with Palianytsiaa circus show from Ci.e Zalatai.

Three days to clear your mind

The festival was created four years ago in Trémentines and will take place for the first time in May-sur-Èvre, from Friday 23 to Sunday 25 September. “It was a project carried out for a year and a half with Cirque du Dr Paradi, who created it. The municipality has worked to be able to welcome artists to its area”, explains Antoine Thibaud, head of Maytai’s cultural service.

An equestrian show as part of the Débroussailleuses festival. | WEST FRANCE

The program is versatile: songs, music, small circus forms, horsemanship, etc. The Débroussailleuses festival thus intends to reach all ages and all genders.

Four favorites

To return to the Espace Senghor season, Antoine Thibaud presents his four favourites. The first, the comedy show 2027/Guillaume Meurice (Saturday 19 November).

Guillaume Meurice’s show mixes humor and spice. | DR

Guillaume Meurice, also a columnist at France Interannounces that he will run for the post of chairman. “He takes a piquant and humorous look at our current world and the quest for power”, he enthuses.

His other crush is musical. This is Luke Winslow King, whose show is also part of the A cup of blues festival in Cholet. The American bluesman, who is on tour in Europe, will perform on Saturday, March 11.

American bluesman Luke Winslow King will perform on Saturday, March 11, 2023. | DR

Italian musicians accompany him, including guitarist Roberto Luti, well known to aficionados according to Antoine Thibaud.

Another zoom, the show Pom’s story, aimed at young audiences. He forms the link between the circus and all the work done for young Maytais. The Jean-Moulin school’s middle classes will thus continue to assist in the creative process.

As part of the Festival À taaable! intended for a young audience, the show “I wake up”, by Mosai and Vincent, to be seen on Saturday, February 11. | LAURENT GUIZARD

This show also marks the start of the À taaable! youth festival, from February 4 to 16, whose program has been developed with the Jardin de verre and the Saint-Louis theater in Cholet.

Antoine Thibaud’s fourth and final favorite is a unique concert by the Chœur de l’Orchestre national des Pays de la Loire (ONPL), which brings together a pianist and 60 singers. A unique concert, a unique place because it takes place in the Saint-Michel church in May-sur-Èvre (Sunday, April 2).

But also…

It is also worth noting that, as part of the committed comics festival, The conquest, object theater (Saturday 15 October). Or the B&B Choir, an energizing family musical show performed by the Never Too Much Art collective (Sunday 18 December) and Zig-Zapanother family show (Friday, May 5).

Finally, to end the season, hip-hop dance with Iconfrom Ci.e Kilai (Saturday, May 13).

Programming and reservations:, or on 02 41 71 68 48.

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