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Not sure about the inventory of your rental car? Are you afraid of forgetting something? It is normal that the inventory of the vehicle, signed by both parties and included in the rental contract, is at the heart of everything. And if it’s one of the pitfalls to avoid when renting a car, it really gives peace of mind to do it according to the rules of the industry when leaving and returning the vehicle. Read this article till the end to pass this test with flying colours, without zeal but without omissions.

Two basic rules to remember

1. Never rush

If it takes you 20 minutes, it takes you 20 minutes. Tell yourself that a good inventory is so much less time and energy that you could then spend trying to resolve any disagreement.

2. Take pictures

These will definitely be less “instagrammable” than others, but of inestimable value 😉 No embarrassment to have, it’s factual. Exterior and interior, take them in the landlord’s presence before you sign the inventory and keep them until several days after the tenancy ends.

Note that if you go through the 100% mobile application of a peer-to-peer rental platform like Getaround Connect, you will not meet the owner. Opening and closing the doors is done via the app. In this case, the images of the vehicle from all angles are an integral part of the contractual conditions for the inventory on departure and on return. Without this, no unlocking is allowed.

The list of things to look at before you go

By default, the vehicle delivered to you is considered to be in good condition. Therefore, any damage found upon return will be your responsibility and it will be difficult to prove otherwise. So proceed to a careful examination of the car and get any anomaly, no matter how small, noted on the condition sheet.

  • pass by outside aim, track any scratches or bumps on the bodywork. Check inflation and wear condition on tirerims and side mirror.
  • To insideconfirm the cleanliness of the seats, the general condition of the accessories and the operation of the mechanical devices and indicator lights (windows, wipers, headlights, indicators, air conditioning, etc.).
  • Confirm number of kilometers on the meter if you rent with a limited mileage. It must be identical to what is stated in the contract. be aware fuel gauge level.
  • Finally, take the opportunity to ask the rental company where papersif there is one puncture repair kit and triangles/yellow vestas well as Mandatory declaration documents.

Car at the airport

How do you proceed when returning the car?

Primarily, avoid returning the vehicle outside the agency’s opening hoursmost of the time the rental terms stipulate that you remain responsible for the vehicle until keys and papers are collected by staff.

If you’re going away this weekend and can’t help it, consider protecting yourself better when you decide which insurance to choose when renting a car. Depending on the location and situation, it may sometimes be wise to take out the additional franchise redemption guarantee offered by the landlord. Because if you succeeded rent your car without a credit card, this will be your only parry at this point. Conversely, if you used a premium credit card (Visa Premier, Mastercard Gold, etc.), the included insurance may cover this type of damage. It is therefore up to you to assess the risk, find out how to possibly limit it and act accordingly.

  • Arrive at the agreed place and at the agreed time to avoid being charged for half a day or even a full day.
  • Expect to not be too busy, demand from the landlord an inventory in good and proper shape, which will be authentic and leave with a signed copy of it. Because as strange as it may seem, when renting through a traditional agency, it is quite common to leave the car in the parking lot and hand over the keys without anyone having moved. It is therefore better to prevent than to cure, act and protect your deposit until the end! In the case of a classic rental between individuals, the owner is always there. In the case of 100% mobile rental (via Getaround Connect or other), the process is completely digitized. The application will ask you to take pictures of the vehicle.

Note : If you do to blink or receive one traffic ticket on the territory as elsewhere (if you have crossed borders with your rental car), the usual process by fine during a rental will take its course. All you have to do is wait, the renter will send you your ticket plus processing fees.

Opposite to, if you are the cause of the damagego to a bodybuilder before returning the vehicle to get one accurate estimate of the amount of repairs. In this way, you will be better prepared for your discussion with the rental company.

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