Pressure is rising again between China and Taiwan

“The closer they approach, the more we will retaliate. With regard to Chinese ships and aircraft entering our waters or airspace, the national army will exercise its right to defend and counterattack without exception”: Wednesday 31 .August, Taiwanese soldier Lin Wen-Huang was unequivocal in the face of provocations by the Chinese People’s Liberation Army. The Taiwanese army did not wait long to put its warning into practice. For the first time, it shot down an unidentified civilian drone on Thursday that had entered its airspace near an island off China’s coast, an illustration of the determination shown by the Taiwanese government to counter the proliferation of these incursions. . The day before, his troops had fired warning shots at a Chinese surveillance drone near the island, forcing it to retreat to the mainland.

A month after the US Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, visited Taipei, tension is at its peak between China and Taiwan. And everything suggests that the region is not witnessing a temporary rise in fever, but the establishment of a state of very high and permanent hostility on both sides of the strait. A situation summed up by Dee Wu, a young Taiwanese researcher at Japan’s GRIPS Institute and leader of the Progressive Democratic Party (in power), with the following formula: “what is normal has changed”.

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