Loire-Atlantique: he had escaped from his attackers by jumping from a car

The victim retains the after effects of this evening. Hit on the head, he has a skull trauma. ©Pxhere images

After several appointment with Justice and so many postponements, it was time for audience this August 26, and judge for both boys who lives Waiter and Chapelle-Heulin, after their mad dash from 24 January.

The main defendant, 19, was sentenced 18 months imprisonment with probation suspension : for two years he will have prohibition to contact his co-accused and the victim again. He will be asked to follow one education and complete three weeks of work of general interest (TIG) in favor of a association or a Community.

This young French-Colombian also saw himself to forbid of carries a weapon : a rifle 22 long rifle had been discovered “hidden” in his room, according to gendarmes. He bought this one “historic weapon, just for its beauty” because he “found it beautiful”he said during his trial.

His co-accused, who was minor “threatening” according to the victim, he was sentenced 12 months imprisonment with probation with almost the same obligations and prohibition.

“Colossal” amount of damage

On it civil plan, the amount of damages and interest that they have to pay to their victim will be stopped after expertise of one neurologist but it has already been announced “colossal”have warned the lawyer of civil party : the man had one “severe head trauma” jump from volkswagen polo running, after success Unlock her back door.

This had according to investigationforced to board i center of Waiteralthough the two defendants at the hearing testified that he was “raised of one’s own free will” and that he “had a choice” to go his way.

Once inside, the driver had Locked the doors and had summoned him to give the address of one of his friends whom he had brought with him “disputes”. Later questioned by the gendarmes, this “friend” had speculated that the two defendants would actually have applied to him that day “steal” that motorcycle whereupon he was captured on the picture, the day before ” on instagram “.

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After realizing that their victim had jumped out of their moving carthe two defendants therefore had “make half a lap and tried to “convince” the young man to call himself relief : the defendant had no “no more battery” on his mobile phone to do it. They were finally gone and left it to one tear to take care of it… For these facts, moreover, they have been condemned talk Nantes Criminal Court to “no help to the person in danger”.

“We gave him napkins”

“We stayed with him for a long time, maybe five or ten minutes”however, on this point the main aggressor defended himself. “We gave him handkerchiefs to dry off a little. »

This young man – who says to himself pacifist at the base » – was also convicted of “rebellion” to the detriment of the gendarmes Loroux-Bottereau : he had “kicked a chair” remanded in custody because he “does not tolerate confinement”. He finally had “started to cry” once mastered on earth because he had ” tired of [sa] crap life”reported Chairman.

“Soon we will beg you for a bucolic walk with friends, had scolded the lawyer for the civil party before he became irritated.

Your victim could be dead, he threw himself out of the car at the risk of his life out of survival instinct.

The victim’s lawyer

“It is a file of one extreme gravitywith a regrettable and pitiful reaction from the defendants to audience »confirmed public prosecutor.

She particularly insisted on “extremely dominant role” of Valletais, including “Reputation takes its toll legend in his territory “.

Mandate for deposit required

That representative from wooden floor so had required for him a years in prison, -one deposit guaranteet and twelve months in prison with a conditional suspended sentence. For his partner in crimeshe had asked for twelve months in prison with a suspended sentence.

Nicolas Granger, the lawyer for the other, had also requested one complete relaxation of this “beautiful child” which was “manipulated” of the young French-Colombian during this “improvised road trip”.

It is common knowledge in Vallet, La Chapelle-Heulin, and in the vineyards of Nantes that his accomplice can lose his temper when he is upset,

Accomplice’s lawyer

“It’s a bit easy to get him to take the blame”, responded Jerry Kimboo, one of the two lawyers for the main defendant. On a legal plan, this had already been convicted twice talk Nantes children’s track for some “violence on the ascendant” in 2017 and 2018. He was his accomplice until then unknown to the court.

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