The world’s number 2 in electric cars wants to establish a long-term presence in Europe

After announcing its desire to launch three electric models in Europe before the end of the year, the Chinese giant BYD and the number 2 electric car manufacturer in the world (behind Tesla) is considering setting up a factory on the old continent.

BID Tongs

In recent months, however, many Chinese manufacturers have announced their ambitions for an arrival in Europe. We think in particular of Nio and Xpeng, but also of BYD, which plans to launch no less than three electric models on the Old Continent. However, the company already has a foothold with us, as it has recently marketed the Tang, a large 7-seater SUV in Norway. But now she wants to go even further.

Towards a European production

Actually the British side Coach was able to speak with Bryan Yang, assistant daily manager from BYD Europe. And it provided valuable information about the future of the Chinese manufacturer in Europe. If it currently produces all its cars in its home country, and more precisely in Shenzhen, this may soon change..

According to the brand’s spokesperson, the idea of ​​producing cars locally would be “interesting”. He emphasizes thinking about implementation plans here, but clarifies that it will happen step by step. Regarding the establishment of a factory in Europe, Bryan Yang replies that ” we don’t have a firm plan yet. We are just starting to learn, to really understand the needs of our customers, and if everything goes well and we build all the foundations and the structure here, it could lead to local production.”.

What about batteries?

Producing cars in Europe would have several advantages for BYD. This will, firstly, allow the brand to reduce delivery time, but also the cost of transporting vehicles to their final destination.. On the other hand, it is not yet known whether the batteries will continue to be produced in China and then exported to the old continent, or whether the brand also plans to build a factory intended for the production of the latter.

Tesla Gigafactory Berlin
Tesla Gigafactory Berlin

This option could also be interesting for BYD, which also manufactures batteries for Tesla. Elon Musk’s company does not produce anything on our earth, while the Berlin Gigafactory is only responsible for assembling the Model Y Performance at the moment. Battery production should follow, in another step, with the famous 4680.

Ambitious projects

If BYD is still behind Tesla in terms of sales, the Chinese company intends to eclipse its American rival. For this, it does not exclude, in particular, going together with a European manufacturer to pool the development costs.. By the way, BYD is already working with Toyota in the development of affordable electric models in China.

According to Bryan Yang, the manufacturer is open to the idea of ​​providing its e-Platform 3.0 technical base to other brands. A common practice, while some European models use Chinese platforms, such as the Smart #1. This will also be the case for the next electric Mini and the future Volvo XC20.

Chinese competitors are also targeting Europe

But BYD is not the only Chinese brand planning to set up a factory in Europe.. As related CoachNio would also be interested in this idea, while his boss, William Li, said last year that “ I think that if we sell a lot of cars in the European market, we can also explore the possibilities of cooperating with other partners in the supply chain […] I know that in Europe there is real production capacity. We can also explore the possibility of working with other OEMs and discuss joint manufacturing with them.“.

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