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Text: Morgan Couturier – The Sherlock application has been in operation since February 2022 and aims to revolutionize the real estate market in Lyon by bringing together buyers, sellers and real estate agents on a single platform. The young start-up wants to bring more transparency and simplicity to each of its actors.

They sought, they found. In keeping with the name of their company, the co-founders, Jean-Christophe Chabret, Loic Busetta and Stephane Brousse carried out their investigation for a long time, found some clues in a real estate market “where many things are no longer suitable”. Then in the night of a lightly watered evening the illumination appeared. “I thought it would be nice to set up a project. We had the same vision, so from November 2020 we worked on the creation of Sherlock”.

“The profession is changing and so is customer demand,” he explains as he revolutionized a sector that is still “very little digitized. The idea was to have the opposite view of all that. So we said to ourselves that we had to create our own tool with two core goals: agents and customers,” continues Jean-Christophe Chabret. From there Sherlock was born, this free application (also available on the Internet) where real estate agents, buyers and sellers find their happiness in a few clicks.

Customer/agent meetings based on a famous healthcare app

“Our agents, we equip them with tools (for a fixed rate of € 99 per month), with real support and above all we will give them all fees from a certain amount (all commissions are paid if this figure is reached , red .note)”, emphasizes Stéphane Brousse, the latter never failed to report the importance of his attachment point. From a headquarters, based on the borders of Caluire and Rillieux-la-Pape, to eliminate the loneliness of independent real estate consultants and, by extension, their abandonment.

A productive working comfort at a time when Sherlock is striving to find new agents, currently limited to thirteen units. “The aim is to recruit 3 to 5 a month”, dare the co-founders. Because if Sherlock Holmes remains a fictional character, Sherlock’s idea remains clear: to simplify the customer experience in the long term by giving everyone “the ability to follow the entire transaction”. But also to virtually visit each property through the application, to estimate the value of up to three per day for free, or even to “terminate a mandate that we see fit, overnight. “It forces us to be efficient” , snaps Loïc Busetta.

Several dozen sales mandates have already been listed

Even more so, if the economic aspect remains predominant in such a complex sector as real estate, Sherlock tends to house its users in the same boat. “For the customers, we are no longer on a percentage rate scheme, but on fixed fees, regardless of the price of the property. We wanted to introduce something fairer, more just”, insists Stéphane Brousse.

A former member of the Guy Hiccups house, the latter proudly presented it, such a contract was established on the basis of a fixed price of €10,000 including tax, half financed by the buyer and seller. “We are not in a low-cost mode. We simply chose a transparent model”, repeats Jean-Christophe Chabret. On this point, common sense says that “transparency is nothing without clarity”. The best thing is to try. Sherlock can be downloaded. Available. A good selling point, at a time when the application already has 900 downloads. Now it remains for the different real estate agents to adopt it. And to find their account.

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