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What does Prime Video have in store for us for the start of the school year? On the program for this September is the long-awaited series The Rings of Power, the Transporter saga with Jason Statham or even a usurper Jean Dujardin in the comedy The Return of the Hero!

The unavoidable

The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power – Friday, September 2

The wait is almost over! On Friday, September 2, head to Middle-earth to discover the first 2 episodes of The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power on Prime Video. More than 20 years after the theatrical release of the first part of Peter Jackson’s trilogy, fans will be able to dive headfirst into JRR Tolkien’s rich universe with a new chapter every Friday on the platform.

The series, whose first of the 5 announced seasons takes place over 8 episodes, reproduces the events that took place during the second age, that is, several thousand years before the two trilogies. On the program, the forging of the mythical Rings of Power, as well as the rise of the evil Sauron and his unique ring of power… and still so many epic adventures with elves, dwarves and hobbits!

If Galadriel, Isildur or Elrond make a comeback (in a younger version barely a few thousand years old), the cast offers new faces, with Morfydd Clark (At the crossroads of the worlds), Robert Aramayo (Game of Thrones) or Nazanin Boniadi ( Scandal, Homeland). Ready to go on an adventure?

A private affair – Friday 16 September

Jean Reno and Aura Garrido share the poster of the Spanish series A Private Affair, a nice surprise in 8 chapters to discover from September 16 on the platform.

We meet Marina, a budding investigator from the nobility, as well as Héctor, her butler and faithful sidekick. Together, the duo try to flush out a serial killer who is terrorizing a Galician town in the heart of Spain in the 1940s.

Action, a strong heroine and a touch of humor: A Private Affair is reminiscent of Les Demoiselles du Telephone, from the same trio of creators, namely Teresa Fernández-Valdés, Ramón Campos and Gema Neira.

Prime video

Poor Miskina – Friday, September 30

As she turns 30, it’s time for Fara to take stock of her life: no guy, no apartment, no job… but a big myopia! To get out of her mess, Fara decides to take charge, but it’s not always easy when social and family pressures come into play.

Miskina, the poor, arrives from September 30 to Prime Video in 8 episodes. Melha Bedia, who plays the main role, goes behind the camera for the very first time and directs with Anthony Marciano, who we owe to Play and Les Gamins. Next to Ramzy’s sister, we find comedian Hakim Jemili (Validated), but also Shirine Boutella (Lupin) and Victor Belmondo (Fly me).


Transporter Sagaen – Thursday 1 September

When it comes to delivering the most sensitive goods, Le Transporteur does not cut corners. Frank, this former Special Forces member follows a few basic rules: he doesn’t ask for names, he doesn’t ask questions, and he’s never late. But what to do when the package to be delivered contains a young woman tied up?

With four explosive films (including three with Jason Statham in the title role), the Transporter saga is a heavyweight in action cinema, with inventive stunts and permanent tension, available from 1 September on Prime Video.

22.11.63 – Thursday 15 September

November 22, 1963 is a date that changed the destiny of the United States since it saw its President John F. Kennedy assassinated. The story could have ended there, but when Jake realizes he has access to a portal that sends him straight back to 1960, he sets out on a mission: to save the head of state. 11/22/63, this 8 episode adaptation of Stephen King’s novel is carried by James Franco. Watch September 15 on Prime Video.

Goodnight mum – Friday 16th September

Naomi Watts (Mulholland Drive, The Impossible …) stars in Goodnight Mommy, a terrifying feature film that will be revealed from September 16 on the platform. Two twin brothers find their mother with her face completely hidden by plasters. But doubts grip the boys: is this woman really who she claims to be?

My Best Friend’s Exorcism – Friday September 30th

Abby and Gretchen, two high school girls and best friends, take a trip to an abandoned mansion in the middle of summer 1988. But Gretchen comes out of this experience changed… Can their friendship survive the devil himself? Answer on September 30th in the terrifying teen comedy My Best Friend’s Exorcism starring the talented Elsie Fisher and Amiah Miller.


The Return of the Hero – Friday, September 5

Shark Bay – Monday 12 September

Ad Astra – Monday 19 September


Hero Corp – Seasons 1-5 – Thursday, September 1

Guy Roux, A History of France – Thursday 1 September

Les Cobayes – Thursday 1 September

Happy Mother’s Day – Thursday, September 1

20 years apart – Thursday 1 September

Dalida – Thursday 1 September

Blindness – Thursday 1 September

Infernal Control Tower 2 – Thursday 1 September

Happy End – Thursday 1 September

Good time – Thursday 1 September

Sleepless – Thursday 1 September

Everything separates us – Thursday 1 September

Lego City Adventures – Season 2 – Monday 5th September

Nip/Tuck – Seasons 1 to 6 – Thursday, September 15

Animal Kingdom – Seasons 1 to 6 – Thursday, September 15

Mom – Seasons 1 to 8 – Thursday, September 15

Rizzoli & Isles: Autopsy of a Murder – Seasons 1 to 7 – Thursday, September 15

Veronica Mars – Season 4 – Thursday, September 15

Everybody Loves Raymond – Seasons 1 to 9 – Thursday, September 15

The Grand Tour – Season 4 – Friday, September 16

Jungle – Season 1 – Friday, September 30

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