how to turn a small corner into a comfortable room?

Original toilet decoration: why is it so important to have an interior design, if not very original, at least pleasant? We can rightly ask the question because the bathroom is usually a secondary room in a house, the design of which does not require much attention and is summarized in the choice of models and materials in an almost predefined distribution.

The great importance of the original toilet design

However, architects and interior designers claim the importance of the master bathroom (including the toilet) as a space for self-care in complete privacy. At the same time, a bathroom is a key room in any home, where it performs a basic hygienic function, but it is also a place to relax, including taking a bath or shower and getting ready.

The importance of decoration even in public “services”

toilet brown color tiles

It is strange that in the public sphere outside our homes we talk about “services”. When it comes to service, we focus on function. But at the same time, and we can probably remember a few examples of bars and restaurants, some public baths are examples of uniqueness. It is a matter of exploiting this to play with the majority’s expectations of a “public service” and create surprise in its design. We defend this practice as a value for interior design and its implementation also in the residential area.

Tips for decorating the toilet at home

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  • It is necessary to make a bold choice in choosing the color of the tiles. The visual impact and decoration of this room depends on it.
  • Try to combine the color of the tiles on the walls and the tiles on the floor. Do they have to be the same color? Remember that sometimes contrast is the best option.
  • The choice of concrete, texture, glossy or matte finish will have a decisive influence on the accent of brightness and the conditions of the room. Whether you are lucky enough to have natural light or artificial light, considering these aspects can be crucial to the success of the choice.

large green interior toilet

  • The orientation of the tiles, if they are rectangular, will influence the sense of height or amplitude depending on whether they are placed vertically or horizontally.
  • From natural stone to various synthetic materials – the choice is yours depending on the final image. You can choose natural, organic materials with a lived-in look. However, moisture conditions mean that some materials are only suitable under certain conditions.

original toilet decoration bright colors

You must look for the material, functional and aesthetic durability of the spaces you design.

Tips for developing the interior of the bathroom at home

original toilet arrangement with courtyard

Where should you put your bath and toiletry items in our bathrooms (where there are also toilets)? In all the houses things are piling up.

  • You have to keep them more or less organized to have some order at home from all the piles of towels, toilet paper, cosmetics.
  • Installing low and tall or suspended cabinets is the most common solution for organizing all elements in the bathroom. In addition, shelves can be an extended resource for placing other things you need, such as shampoo or soaps, or for storing clean towels or the finest containers that you use in your daily hygiene.

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  • A basic thing is to consider good drying conditions for used towels. In that sense, nothing is better than a good electric towel dryer, programmed at strategic times so that it adapts perfectly to routines and needs. Combine textiles with each other. A towel chosen with pleasure can act as a decorative element and not just as an addition of color. You can choose stripes to recreate a beach style through curious prints or chromatic intervals in conjunction with or in contrast to the rest of the elements. In any case, they contribute to harmonizing the room if they are combined appropriately.

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  • It is important to understand the set of body towels, towels and shower mat as one set. A single element that deviates from the general line can spoil the desired effect. And many times the simplest resource is what ends up making the difference in a unique bathroom. In a small bathroom, where towel rails do not fit, three small towels in different colors rolled up and stacked aesthetically on the washstand is the best solution.

Turn your toilet decoration into an original decoration

black and white toilet

When you have a separate toilet, you must also use cupboards and shelves to store toiletries, such as toilet paper rolls, baby wipes if you use them, etc. A large built-in cabinet will save you the trouble, but if you don’t have one, consider shelves that start from the floor and frame the tank and the part that includes the flush. This type of furniture saves space, fits into very small spaces and holds a large number of items related to the needs for the proper functioning of this space.

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