Everything you need to know about Nike’s 3D space

Nikeland promises to take visitors into an immersive universe while playing sports. With its dedicated metaverse within the Roblox platform, Nike replicates its actual headquarters to allow brand followers to keep up with the technological trend.

Whether we like it or not, the digital world is already an integral part of everyday life. That’s why the big brands take on one extension of their activity inside the metaverse. Although the world of video games is still the most exploited, we are starting to see other areas such as fashion, cosmetics and even sports. Recently, that is towards the end of 2021, Nike launched its own metaverse, dubbed Nike Country, inside Roblox, one of the famous immersive gaming platforms. Today, it has registered more than one million visits. Which proves that people are more interested in it. Nevertheless, it should be noted that in addition to launching its brand into the metaverse, Nike also aims to bring visitors to more active in real life. Let’s take an overview of this virtual universe, which represents the starting point for a new adventure with the Nike brand.

What is Nikeland?

Nikeland is the name the Nike brand has given to its virtual world inside Roblox. The designers took inspiration from their actual world headquarters to create the background of the metaverse. An idea that starts from a broader spirit, aiming to “ turn sport and play into a lifestyle “. The same applies to arenas and buildings.

In this world, visitors have the opportunity to play different games, but also to create their own mini-games. In this case, Nikeland provides a set of tools for those containing sports equipment. In addition to games, this web3 space also aims to promote real physical activities. To do this, you need a smartphone or a mobile device equipped with an accelerometer.

But above all metaverse of Nike is built to promote the brand through its products inside Roblox. Thus, users can get iconic products of the brand such as Air Force 1 and Air Max. In addition, the most deserving in the games receive blue ribbons and gold medals as rewards. With these, they can get building materials or virtual products used to customize their avatar.

How does Nikeland work?

Although brand promotion is Nikeland’s main goal, there are still other horizons to explore. In reality, the Nike metaverse works like other gaming metaverses:

Nikeland: A world and games

Inside Nikeland, each visitor can participate in mini-games whose fields and arenas are modeled after their actual world headquarters. Everyone can freely personalize their avatar using the brand’s products. To take advantage of them, you must earn them by playing. Additionally, users can create mini-games using the Nikeland Toolkit.

A more active real life

By using their mobile devices, visitors can translate their actual physical activities into the metaverse. Nike did this in an attempt to make them more active in real life. Although everything takes place in a virtual world, they can perform real movements that will be collected by the accelerometer of their mobile device. Which helps make Nikeland more than just a 3D space.

In fact, having access to a digital world can arguably reduce real physical activities to make room for the computer. But with a smartphone, the player can play sports while exploring the metaverse. Sports competitions differ from other virtual competitions.

A player can meet other visitors while staying at home, but this time he performs real moves. For example, visitors can make long jumps or sprints by moving their mobile devices as well as their bodies.

A personal Nike avatar

Inside Roblox, there is a showroom specifically dedicated to Nike products. All metaverse visitors can customize their avatar with the most popular Nike products. For example, they can choose the famous Air Force Fontanka, plus other branded clothing.

Prizes are won in Nikeland

In addition to free access to Nikeland, visitors can also earn rewards. That Gold medals unlock new swag products. On the other hand Blue ribbon allows you to buy building materials and tools.

This allows the construction of courtyards and gardens or the exploration of the virtual world. However, users can also collect coins to purchase items to customize their virtual character. To enjoy it, you must therefore participate in the various sporting events that are organized within Nikeland. Note that these are free with prizes up for grabs.

What’s on at Nikeland?

As I said, Nikeland is a virtual sports world that consists of several places to explore. It has a total of 6 areas including the lobby, basketball, football, showroom, research laboratory and My PlayGround. However, there are other fun games where visitors can compete, such as The floor is lava Where Dodge ball ; there is even room for swimming. We will look in detail one by one at these 6 main areas that make up the Nike metaverse.

The lobby

In this area, visitors have time tointeract with each other or relax after hours of wandering in the vast virtual world. They can thus spend time together, visit the store or the information center to familiarize themselves with the games. Note that the store contains a wide variety of items intended to personalize the avatars, such as sports equipment. There are also decorative items that players can use to build a beautiful personal garden.


The football (soccer) area allows you to play traditional footballbut accompanied by other exciting movements such as rebounds and power-ups. At the moment, it is difficult to know the fate of this area. However, Nike seems optimistic and promises to improve the game as it goes. There are different rankings such as top scorer or daily wins.


This is an area where visitors can plays basketball. Nikeland opens its world to serious basketball fans with its large collection of sneakers (Air Force, Air Max, etc.). Players don’t have to be professionals to complete the challenges. However, the best will see their name shown in placements (best rebounders, shooters, etc.). As in all games inside Nikeland. The winners are rewarded.

The showroom

In the showroom, there are thousands of virtual Nike items on display. There are models wearing Nike in different ways. This showroom is Nikeland’s showcase through which it presents its various series of wearables. Don’t forget that it is mainly home to the famous Nike shoes like Lebron 19 Low Magic Fruity PEBBLES and Mercurial Superfly 8.

The showroom isn’t just for metaverse visitors, though. You can actually buy goods. In this case, these are sent by post.

My Playground Nikeland

This space is specifically dedicated to creators. After acquiring building tools and decorative items, each player can build their own mini-games. My Playground is also called Farm. This space is unlimited, unlike the physical world, all that remains is to exploit it.

NPRL or Nike Play Research Lab

This area is the virtual replica of the Innovation Zone located in Nike’s “House of Innovation” or HOI. The difference between the two? NPRL shows only high score records and scorers in various aspects. Thus we find playing time, coins won, etc.

Use your phone and get started

As already mentioned above, it can be advantageous to use a smartphone when exploring Nikeland. All it takes is one app translate correct movements in the game. From fiat, players can be more active while exploring the metaverse. Some phone movements will be detected by the game as jumping or running movements.

Certainly, the rise of the metaverse and the virtual world has reduced physical activities in real life. Everyone seems to be glued to the screen for hours. Even more so when you have the opportunity to create something. Nikeland is different, it allows its users to sweat without crossing the city.

In addition, visitors can create both games and virtual objects. Although it takes place inside a virtual world, Nike also plans to collaborate with visitors to Nikeland to co-create items that it may actually produce in the future.

The company does not intend to stop there. She will further exploit the possibilities of metaverse technology. Nikeland is thus only the beginning of a new adventure where we will undoubtedly soon see major competitions that will be linked to world sporting events.

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