Do you want to buy an electric car? Here is the list of the 70 available models!

After years of announcements, the wave of electric cars is more than ever a reality in 2022. From around fifteen models before the Covid pandemic, today the “zero emission” offer reaches around 70 models, all categories combined. . AM gives you a list of what it has to offer.

Three years ago, the electric offer now turned the heads of many customers who want to take the plunge. And with good reason, there are currently no less than 70 models for sale, not including those that have already been presented, but for which we do not yet know the prices. Suffice it to say that in this range of watt cars, the sizes and budgets are very varied, between a modest Dacia spring for less than €20,000 and a Porsche Taycan Turbo S, ten times more expensive without the slightest option… to help you see more clearly, here is the most comprehensive list of what you can order when you arrive at the dealership. Delivery times are not taken into account due to component shortages. There are many new products, so we will try to update this list as often as possible.. For a simplified reading, this large inventory is made by category, between city cars, compacts, sedans and SUVs.

All electric city cars on the market

Renault Twingo.© Etienne Roville

City cars, which are difficult to make profitable, are not yet the most numerous on the market, and some manufacturers initially focused on higher-margin models. In fact, you now have the choice between a dozen models. Twelve in fact, although the Citroën Ami and Renault Twizy must be classified as unlicensed quadricycles rather than cars, while the BMW i3 is no longer produced and that the latest models are available from stock.

All electric compacts on the market

The electric Renault Megane.
The electric Renault Megane.©Renault

Victims of the SUV, like so many other bodies, the compact cars are also not included in the first lines of the product plans. Currently, the offer can be counted on the fingers of one hand, embodied by models at the antipodes, between an aging Nissan Leaf and very modern VW ID.3 or Renault Mégane E-Tech. But that should be greatly expanded next year, when Peugeot will offer an electric version of its new 308 and the Opel Astra, its technical cousin, will follow suit.

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All electric SUVs on the market

In order to make the colossal investments in electrification profitable as soon as possible, the sales volumes of the SUVs in Europe quickly convinced the manufacturers. For two years, it is therefore a real tidal wave that occurs. So much so that SUVs alone account for more than half of the supply. With obvious internal divisions between a pragmatic €35,000 Hyundai Kona and a three times more expensive BMW iX. So they had to be separated again.

Small electric SUVs

Peugeot e-2008.
Peugeot e-2008.© Peugeot

Compact electric SUVs in large format


All electric sedans and station wagons on the market

Mercedes EQE.
Mercedes EQE.©Mercedes

It is also the big gap in this segment, which is still quite “quiet”. If MG came to innovate by offering the first affordable 100% electric station wagon, Porsche had unveiled several variants of its demonic Taycan. in front of them, Tesla occupied the earth for a good ten years with the Model S and especially a praised Model 3.

All electric MPVs on the market

VW ID.Buzz.
VW ID.Buzz.©Volkswagen

Since real minivans are dead, but SUVs don’t all provide the same services, manufacturers are customizing their utility minivans for individuals.. This is the case for the Stellantis group, but also for Renault, although the Kangoo Electric is not yet a reality. On the other hand, VW is taking advantage of the transition to electric power to bring its famous Combi back to life, rather to be classified in the category of trendy items than a real “van” to travel through France via main roads and byways.

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