Apply the method 1% better every day to your real estate business

It is the great comeback of inspiring work methods. After addressing 4 hour week, makes room for another concept to increase your real estate performance over time. it is 1% better every day. The principle is simple: favor a small improvement every day over a drastic change. 1% every day. Two things will interest us in this routine. On the one hand, we will see how to work differently and more efficiently at the beginning of the school year thanks to this method. On the other hand, how to apply it in your real estate activity.

This is the story of a leader of cycling champions

It’s been a long time since we compared real estate achievements to those of athletes. Here we will talk about cycling, as it is this sport that has brought the 1% every day method to light.

The legend begins in 2003 with Sir Dave Brailsford, a former amateur cyclist and manager of several British cycling teams. The two gold medals in cycling at the 2004 Olympic Games, that’s him; the 14 medals including 8 gold at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, that’s him; The Tour de France champions in 2012 and 2013 are still him. What was his approach? Make 100 things 1% better!

The art of getting better little by little

You probably guessed it, the 1% better every day method consists of focusing on small things to improve every day. In fact, every day is an opportunity to move forward on a small scale in the short term, but above all on a large scale in the long term.

For example, if you want to run 50 km, it would be better to start by running 5 km, then 5 km and 50 m, then 5 km and 105 meters and so on, rather than running 10 km in one go and then 20 .This is what we called the accumulation of marginal gains.

Here is a graph drawn by James Clear, author of the book Atomic Habits. This makes it possible to assess progress over 1 year thanks to this approach:

How to adapt it to your real estate goals

For this part, we will see how to set goals and an action plan that is true to the method 1% better. In doing so, we will rely on 2 goals: increase your commercial performance and increase your local fame. We could quote others, but we know that the main purpose of a real estate agent is above all to achieve a good turnover. As for local notoriety and brand image, they are implicitly inseparable from the quantity and quality of your sales. So much, focus on these two aspects!

Know how to identify and set your goals

For 1% every day approach to work, you must first know where you want to go as a real estate agent. This first reflection will naturally help you identify the points – small things – that need to be improved on a daily basis. The mechanics are the same as Set your goals at the start of the year.

Increase your business performance

For example, if your goal is to reach a turnover of €200,000 by the end of the year, you will need to break this goal down to identify the tasks and actions that will get you there. The room for improvement will essentially be based on how you approach leads. Here are 2 fictional scenarios for you to consider:

Scenario 1) Call from a customer -> Telephone conference with this customer -> Call back or follow up with the customer -> R1 at the agency etc.

Scenario 2) Development of mail campaign -> Sending of mail campaign -> Response from prospect -> Reminder of prospect by phone -> agreement agreement -> Reminder of the agreement -> Appointment with the agency or with the prospect.

Increase your local fame

If your goal is to improve your agency’s reputation, it will also be in your best interest to break down the small actions that will help you. In these cases, it will make more sense to focus on communication actions.

Scenario 1) Promotion of new services -> communicate about these services via flyers -> distribution of flyers -> solicitation of leads

Scenario 2) Promotion of new services -> 1 daily post on your social networking sites -> link to your website to learn more -> sign up for your newsletter on your website -> new sign ups for your newsletter.

Each mini-action will automatically lead you to improve your revenue. The trick is to ask yourself the following question: where do I want to go? Why ? How ? You know the rest: cut your actions into small actions.

Take stock of what is already in place

Remember our parallel with the runner who wants to run 50 km. First 5 km then 5 km and 50 meters and so on. It is the same for you, it is important to take a base and see: what is already put in place thanks to it and what works. With this in mind, you will already be proud of your actions, you will be able to implement new small actions and above all, you will achieve your goals! Here is an example of a balance sheet that you can prepare:

  • number of calls / number of agreements made
  • number of submitted flyers / number of agreements made
  • number of people reached on social networks / number of new subscribers
  • number of newsletters sent / number of clicks / number of contacts
  • number of posts on social networks / number of people reached / new subscribers
  • number of training courses followed per week or per month, etc.

The logic is the same as when you set your goals at the beginning of the year, to plan all the (small) actions you need to initiate, you must know your starting point exactly.

Always aim for 1% more

Nothing surprising with this advice given the name of this method. Always go for 1% more. On paper, 1% is all well and good, but what does it mean in real estate?

Here is an example of 1% real estate:

  • Call 10 customers during the week + 2 others;
  • Distribute 100 flyers in a specific area + in another building;
  • Write an article a week for your real estate blog and increase to one and a half;
  • Carry out a targeted email campaign and develop a follow-up strategy, etc.

Let’s be honest with ourselves, on the one hand, time cannot be extended, and on the other hand, it is not a matter of doing small actions for the sake of doing small actions. You will therefore quickly and naturally identify the elements that serve you the most and develop yours “1% better” from these.

1 percent better every day Real estate thinking method Immo2

Far be it from us to brag, but we believe that we have adapted 100% of this method to your real estate business. In light of the advice given, it is impossible for us not to make the connection between 1% better every day and these 2 training courses: Define effectively, follow religiously and reach sales goals easily and Advice from real estate executives and top athletes to outdo yourself in your field. We will also end this article with a quote from Marion Lorblanchet (high-level athlete and coach): “You eat an elephant one bite at a time”.

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