25 years ago Lady Diana died in a car accident in Paris

On August 31, 1997, Lady Diana died in a car accident under the Alma bridge tunnel in Paris. (©Wikimedia commons / Russ2009)

Sad birthday. 25 years ago, on August 31, 1997, Lady Diana died in a car accident during The Alma Bridge on Paris. The sedan that carried the Princess of Wales and her new companion, the wealthy Egyptian heir Dodi Al-Fayedahit a column in the tunnel.

The man and the driver died instantly, while Lady Di and her bodyguard were still alive when help arrived. Transported to hospital in La Pitié-Salpetrierethe 36-year-old died a few hours later.

The eternal flight of the paparazzi

On August 30, 1997, Diana Spencer landed at the airport in Bourget, northeast of Paris, mid-afternoon, with his companion. The two lovebirds spent the summer discovering Europe. At this point, it’s been a year since she got divorced Prince Charleswith whom she has two children: princes harry and william.

As usual, the Princess of Wales is pursued by a horde of paparazzi. From their landing to their arrival at The Ritz hotelplace Vendôme in 1eh district of the capital, Lady Di and Dodi al-Fayed, are machine-gunned by photographers. This media pressure will even pressure the couple to give up going out to eat and prefer to eat at the Parisian palace.

Then the couple decide to go to Dodi al-Fayed’s private mansion for more privacy. They line up an arrangement to lure photographers: the billionaire’s sedan, parked in front of the hotel, leaves first, while the couple leaves the palace in another sedan, parked behind.

This is not enough to fool the reporters as a dozen motorcycles that spotted them will pursue them.

A fatal accident

Five minutes later, around 12:30, the sedan drove off over 100 km/h on a portion limited to 50 km/h to try to see the photographers collided the thirteenth column in the tunnel under the Alma Bridge. The driver allegedly lost control of the car.

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For almost an hour, the emergency services performed extraction of Lady Diana whose foot is stuck under a seat. She was transported in serious condition to the hospital and suffered hemorrhagic shock and then cardiac arrest.

Rupture of a pulmonary vein causes internal bleeding. His death is declared at 4:25 on August 31, 1997.

Two investigations have been launched to try to shed light on this tragic accident. Whether it was the one conducted in France or the one conducted in England, both concluded on a “banal” car accident.

Tribute to Paris and television

The death of this icon called “Lady Di” caused a wave of international emotion. Every year since August 31, 1997, his memory has been honored and various tribute acts have been organized.

To Parisis not uncommon for the flame of freedom, stele overlooking the entrance to the Alma Bridge, or surrounded by dozens of bouquets of flowers and photographs of the princess. If the monument has nothing to do with the princess’s death, for 25 years it has become a place of meditation.

To television the programs that pay tribute to him are also numerous. C8 broadcast on Thursday 25 August 2022 an unpublished documentary Diana, the story of a princess. Monday, August 29 Secrets of history of France 3 proposed an extraordinary number: Diana, this famous stranger…

Tonight, Wednesday 31 August, is an evening dedicated to Lady Di on W9. The show Minute by minute: Lady Diana – The tragic end of the princess of hearts will be presented by Nathalie Roux from 21:05. Monday 5 September at France 5the documentary Diana, the seven days after her death directed by Henry Singer will return to the story of the accident.

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