Pugglit Inu is taking the meme coin spot by storm, ahead of Dogecoin and Vita Inu

CoinMarketCap, a leading cryptocurrency listing platform, testified to the success rate meme coins have received over time. In the list of top ten market caps, meme coins tops this list, giving mainstream crypto a run for its money. Pugglit Inu (PUGT) is also riding this wave to the top.

Meme pieces are influenced by popular social media jokes, puns or sarcasm. However, mainstream crypto has created specific technology to increase trade and transactions in the crypto space. Without fundamentals, meme coins are community and community-focused tokens. They push for a light-hearted form of expression that Gen Z and Millennials can relate to.

The Pugglit Inu Project is starting a new era in the meme coin space. It is set to revolutionize the cryptocurrency exchange with its various features and functionalities. However, the Pugglit project is a complete solution to problems in the cryptocurrency market.

For so long, the crypto market has had issues with accessibility, flexibility, transaction tools and security. However, the Pugglit token is versatile as it solves all these problems with its ecosystem. For example, the Pugglit project has integrated advanced trading tools into the Pugglit ecosystem to ensure a smooth trading experience for users.

Vita Inu, tokenized by VINU, is a dog-themed meme piece with high TPS and smart contracts. The philosophy behind the Vita Inu token is to have fun, make new friends and learn about the technological revolutions in our lives. However, all this will be available in an engaging and viral ecosystem.

Is Pugglit Inu (PUGT) the next existing meme coin in the crypto space before Dogecoin (DOGE)?

DogeCoin was the first meme coin released in 2013. Tokenized by DOGE, it is based on the popular internet meme “doge”. However, DogeCoin is primarily used as a tipping system on Reddit and Twitter as a reward for sharing and creating quality content. As a result, Dogecoin is more of a flip coin to clear the community part.

However, unlike DOGE, the Pugglit token does not only serve as a reward mechanism. It is also a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). Instead, as a decentralized independent organization, it reserves a currency pool which ensures the supply of liquidity to PUGT users. Also, the characteristics of the Pugglit token set it apart from other meme coins.

A great feature is PugReach. This pet service store will be available on Andriod, Apple and Windows, so pet owners and shelters can find the right service quickly and easily. However, this application will provide a safe, secure, durable and user-friendly platform for PUGT pet owners. It is also available to any interested pet owner who is open to using the Pugglit token to find the best pet service.

Swimming pool Pugglit

This is another feature of the Pugglit platform. It uses Binance as a mindset to maximize its users’ long-term and short-term profit potential. However, this system is effectively achieved by crediting users with a bonus percentage on each transaction using Binance USD. The Pugglit platform also follows strict rules regarding crediting users’ wallets to build trust between users and the Pugglit team.

However, the Pugglit protocol will work on specific features that improve functionality. These features include – a percentage of all trades set aside as a reward, a percentage of platform trades included in the smart contract as a reserve buyback, and the system automatically redistributes a portion of each trade to holders on Binance with a fixed interval.

Pugglit Swap and Basket

The Pugglit token works on a decentralized platform which ensures secure transactions. As a result, trading and exchange between and between PUGT and other tokens takes place freely and securely. Furthermore, PUGT holders can trade other crypto assets through a secure wallet.

However, these secure wallets help users store earned tokens and allow them to trade and transact. This purse is referred to as the Pugglit basket. Users can easily trade freely and securely with its strong cryptographic security and user-friendly interface.


Compared to DogeCoin and Vita Inu, the features and functionality that the Pugglit token exudes are phenomenal and may rival the popularity of these meme coin giants in the future.

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Website to purchase the project: Pugglit Inu

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