Our politicians, always on vacation!

Tunisia has multiplied political tremors and earthquakes since the announcement of extraordinary measures on July 25, 2021. Several parties and public figures have somehow tried to keep up with the infernal rhythm of a political scene that is sometimes too hectic . Unfortunately, staying in the political game is not that easy! In less than a year and a half, the head of state, Kaïs Saïed, had announced more than ten measures affecting the lives of parties and politicians, urging them to constantly revise their position. In addition to the referendum that led to the adoption of a new constitution, Kaïs Saïed had changed the composition of the Independent High Electoral Authority, dismissed judges, issued a law on criminal reconciliation, closed the National Authority against corruption and announced the holding of early legislative elections.

This dynamic, which reminded us of the political scene in the period 2011-2013, led to the appearance and disappearance of certain structures or even of several politicians who chose to retire or, at times, to take rather long vacations. It should be noted that since the holding of the referendum on 25 July 2022, political news has been limited to the activities of the President. Mongi Rahoui, deputy and former member of the United Party of Democratic Patriots (Watad), who unconditionally supported the President of the Republic, was no longer spoken of. Would he have given himself the success of the referendum as his ultimate task? Does he not feel worried about the country’s economic situation, the holding of Ticad, the negotiations with the International Monetary Fund and the holding of parliamentary elections in December? Ditto for the Secretary General of Attayr, Ghazi Chaouachi or the President of Afek Tounes. These two opposition figures have not appeared in the media for a month. Did they decide to take the time to review their position after the referendum results? Do they need time to rest and reflect? The future promulgation of the Electoral Law Revision Decree will certainly give us the answers to his questions.

Other political figures chose to withdraw well before the announcement of the result of the referendum without giving any explanation in relation to their political future or their positioning. The former vice-president of the Assembly of People’s Representatives (ARP), Tarak Fetiti, belongs to this category. After the announcement of the measures on 25 July 2021, the latter had become almost invisible. It even looked like he never existed! He then reappeared in January on the occasion of the holding of a general assembly in Parliament to celebrate the adoption of the 2014 constitution. He had oscillated between participation and boycott to decide on the date of 26 January 2021 against the event and not to join. to it. Another figure that has been talked about is former Chief of Staff to the President, Nadia Akacha. She had long been considered number two in the palace of Carthage and Kaïs Saïed’s right-hand man. She resigned, against all odds, in January 2022 and traveled to France. She was the subject of controversy for a few days due to the publication on social networks of leaked phone recordings in which she mentioned several facts regarding the head of state and his entourage. Since then, Nadia Akacha had simply denied the matter and has never been spoken of again.

It is clear that many are those who were completely vaporized after the announcement of the extraordinary measures on July 25, 2021. The list is long. It includes former members of ARP such as Sofien Toubal, who has not appeared in the media for more than a year. Some say he is abroad. His former companion, Sahbi Samara, has also escaped. The end of a political career, the biggest event of which was this physical attack on June 30, 2021, in full plenary session of the parliament, suffered by the president of the PDL, Abir Moussi. The scene was broadcast on national television. We can also mention the name of the former transport minister, Moez Chakchouk. The latter had at one point become a real star on social networks after the Hasdrubal Gates affair. The latter had accidentally published photos of him and former head of government Hichem Mechichi, also missing since July 25, 2021, at the Hasdrubal hotel in Hammamet, when Tunisia had decreed a ban on movement between cities due to the pandemic. There is also the case of the former presidential candidate and former defense minister, Abdelkrim Zbidi. The latter, who had benefited from the support of large families and several public figures, seems to have ended his political career after the 2019 elections. The same applies to Mehdi Jomâa, former head of government and president of the Al Badil Party, Omar Mansour, formerly governor of Tunis, or Elyes Fakhfakh, former minister and former head of government. They kept a low profile. It seemed as if they had completely abandoned the political world and that they had forgotten their long speeches that evoked belonging to the fatherland and the desire to work for the good of the country.


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