Homeworld 3 – Gamescom 2022 – Homeworld, 20 years of patience

Homeworld, a license for the real-time strategy game that marked an entire generation of gamers, returns after so many years. Finally.

Definitely one of the ones I expected the most, being a fan of the Homeworld series since the release of the first opus more than 20 years ago.

But before attack Homeworld 3we had a quick appetizer with the imminent arrival of Homeworld Mobile,in the autumn. The game will combine the “real-time strategy” aspect with a hint of RPG.

The action takes place 15 years after the events of Homeworld 2 and can be enjoyed on iOS and Android.

But let’s move on to Homeworld 3.

The game, scheduled for the first half of 2023, is developed by Blackbird Interactive and edited by Gearbox Publishing. He places his action a hundred years after the first two opuses.

Most of the developers at Blackbird Interactive are alumni of relic and therefore worked directly on the first two episodes. And I think I’ve heard at least five times “we managed to create with this third episode what we didn’t have the technical means to create at the time”.

Because yes, the game is clearly very ambitious and benefits from 20 years of progress. The game environment is much more ambitious than before in all aspects. The combat zone is no longer an empty zone, on the contrary, it is occupied by many space objects, whether they are asteroids, debris, ships, space phenomena such as particle storms, etc. The area is full of them, and each of these elements must be considered for covers, the vision of units etc.

The new flagship
Task 3 18

For example, in one mission I was able to play, at one point you have to restart a teleportation portal. The machine, the result of an unknown technology, is huge, our ships are really ants next to it, even the flagship. Pirate bombers protected an area and prevented me from entering it to reactivate that portal. It was possible to go head-on, but with some serious losses, my first attempt with 15 hunters ended in a resounding failure, they were not very well coordinated (my fault, I discovered the movement process). I restarted a production of fighter planes and this time I used the elements of the sets to my advantage. I had noticed that a corridor was accessible through a broken part of the portal and led directly under the two bombers. I rushed into it and was able to land on them by surprise, reducing the bombers to rubble in a matter of seconds.

The overall design, user interface has also been greatly improved. Claire, it’s pretty easy to learn, because let’s remember that Homeworld is not an easily accessible RTS. But from this point of view, a lot of effort has been made to manage it user friendly.

The development of techniques has also made it possible, for the sake of realism, to include real ballistics in the game: shots can hit, damage parts of the ship, etc. whereas before it simply amounted to a “roll of the dice” to see if it hit or not.

Of course, the graphics are great too. The lighting effects of the ships, the environment and the reflectors are present and make the game even more enjoyable to play.

M2 Battle3

I was able to test two missions named “Facility 315” and “Kasura Oasis”, the start of a new epic campaign that takes place 100 years after the events of the first, after Karan S’Jet discovers an ancient network of hyperspace doors, ushering in a golden age of trade and galactic exploration. A threat known as the Anomaly has begun to engulf planets and jump gates, and Imogen S’Jet, Karan’s successor, is the only person who can solve the mystery surrounding this threat to the galaxy.

There will also be a PVP mode in 1v1, FFA or team, like any good RTS, but we also learned that Homeworld 3 would have a co-op rogue-like mode, but they haven’t been able to show us that yet , and we promise we’ll know more soon.

In short, all good.

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