To support startups, Huawei Tunisia enters into partnerships with Novation City and CostarT around the SPARK program

To support startups, Huawei Tunisia enters into partnerships with Novation City and CostarT around the SPARK program

Huawei Tunisia has entered into two strategic partnerships around the “Huawei Tunisia Spark Program”, an international support program for startups.

The partnerships were signed in the presence of Mr. Adnane Ben Halima, Vice President in charge of PR in Huawei Northern Africa and Mr. Hong Liang, Deputy Director of Huawei Tunisia.

Mr. Hong Liang and Mr. Hichem Turki, General Manager of Novation City, signed the partnership on 18 August 2022 at Technopole de Sousse. Novation City is the competitiveness pole of Sousse, which aims to develop an innovation ecosystem in the mechatronics sector and to strengthen activities with high added value, digital city, smart transport, smart factory. In this context, Novation City has created several thematic and personalized incubation and acceleration programs aimed at supporting young Tunisian talents: STARTI4 for Industry 4.0, AI Garage and AI Factory for artificial intelligence, S -Drive for smart transport.

Huawei Tunisia also signed an agreement on August 24, 2022 with CostarT represented by Mr. Ghazi Mhiri, Program Coordinator, at Sfax Technopole.

CoStarT is the 1steh incubator in Sfax, launched by the Technopark of Sfax, which aims to boost the creation of start-ups in IT and digital technology and create an environment that allows companies to focus their efforts on the creation and development of their project through a network of interdisciplinary partners and business experts.

Officially launched on July 15, 2022, the aim of the Spark program is to provide qualified startups with free cloud resources, technical training and expert support, while enabling them to take advantage of the business opportunities of the Huawei Cloud Ecosystem .

Mr. Adnane Ben Halima said: “The Spark program aims to help startups grow. In addition to technical support, the aim is also to involve them in international events to give them more visibility. We hope that there will be Tunisian startups that will shine and that the overall result of the program will be satisfactory”.

Be there for the information meeting on Monday, August 29, 2022! (

Please note that Huawei Tunisia will organize an online information session on Monday, August 29, 2022 at 11.00 to share all the useful information for startups who want to participate in the program.

The vice president responsible for PR in Huawei Northern Africa, Mr. Adnane Ben Halima, and Mr. Houssem Aouinti, cloud expert in Huawei Tunisia will provide the animation of the session.

Registration deadline 31 August 2022


Remember that the deadline for registering for the program is 31 August. Startups that can participate in this program are those that are branded or in the process of being branded, with a complete product and/or service, as well as a clear business plan. They must either have a cloud service now or in the near future. It is also important to have at least one resource that will pass the Huawei Cloud certification exam.

The most important deadlines to remember can be summarized as follows:

l From 15 July to 31 August 2022: candidate startups can apply online via this link:

l from 1eh September to 30 September 2022: selection of Top 50 and then Top 30 startups.

l from 1eh October to October 20, 2022: selection of the 15 best startups.

l End of October 2022: Publication of the 15 winners and the Final Pitch.

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