Creuse: the actively sought fugitive is none other than the English villain Robert Hendy-Freegard

Thursday, August 25, 2022: It is 4:30 p.m. when the gendarmes, accompanied by a team from the departmental directorate for employment, work, solidarity and protection of the population (DETSPP), arrive at a dog farm located in the town of Vidaillat (Creuse).

The partner is initially the only one present. When the man arrived in a UK-registered Audi A3, the man refused to comply during a paper check, state France info.

He hit the two gendarmes and fled in the car. The driver in question is Robert Hendy-Freegard, a fraudster who has already been convicted in the UK.

Illegal dog breeding

According to decrees consulted by the public media, the couple, who have lived in the city since 2015, had already received reports, in March and then in June 2022, about the administrative situation of their dog breeding.

26 canines would live illegally in a cage and close to local residents, the city’s mayor said France Blue HollowAugust 26: “The residents of Forest-Belleville understood very quickly that something was wrong”.

In a press release dated August 26, the prefecture stated that the two gendarmes who were knocked down by the villain were injured. “One officer is still hospitalized and presents an ITT of 21 days. An NCO has returned home and presents an ITT of 6 days”, it is clarified.

Today, an investigation is opened for the attempted willful killing of a person in public authority. The fraudster is still being actively sought. A search was underway on Friday afternoon, August 26, at his house.

According to information from France infothe fifty mobilized investigators found in his home new telephones with prepaid cards.

Robert Hendy Freegarda villain who is not at his first try

The documentaries The Puppet Master: Handling Lessons on Netflix, directed by Gareth Johnson and Sam Benstead and The spy who stole my lifedirected by Kate Snell, or the film RogueAgentdirected by Declan Lawn and Adam Patterson, are all productions that trace its history.

In 2002, Scotland Yard – headquarters of the Metropolitan Police Service (the police) in London – and the FBI arrested Robert Hendy-Freegard at London’s Heathrow airport.

The 51-year-old Briton, described as an excellent hustler, was jailed for life in 2005 for kidnapping, theft and fraud, but was acquitted on appeal two years later.

It was in 2009 that he was released for facts about kidnapping reports The Guardianin an article published on January 20, 2022.

According to his lawyers, his alleged victims were not physically restrained and were free to leave, relays TF1 info.

But the man has spent a good part of his life lying. He would even make three young students believe he was a member of MI-5, the social services of the United Kingdom. And would have convinced them to live in hiding and keep them away from those around them – except when it came to extorting money from them.

Manipulator, he will use them to buy Rolexes, a dozen luxury cars or even tailored suits.

Nicknamed “the puppeteer” by the English press, in ten years he would have stolen around a million pounds (1.5 million euros) from five women and two men.

It was in 2011 that he met on a dating site Sandra Clifton, his companion still today. In 2014, the couple left the UK and settled in France near the Millevaches nature park.

Together they open a dog kennel of Beagles, but his spouse is a recluse, does not give any more news to his family, while he does not stop going back and forth between England and France.

Today, the reasons for his many trips have not been released and Robert Hendy-Freegard is still wanted by the police.

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