Arranging a small space: the rules to know

All that is small is beautiful, it is generally said! Have you often heard this phrase about your apartment? If, despite these glowing words, you still prefer to find ways to push back the walls and enlarge the surface, you would do well to read this article. We give you some smart golden rules for correctly decorating your small living room.

Open up the space in your home

In a small spaceis it advisable to prioritize mezzanines or platforms to delimit the space without giving the impression of reducing it. This is a trick that works just as well in a child’s room as it does in the living room. You can get the same result by simply having carpets on the floor : one for each room function.

In addition, separate each room, give up partitions and prefer bay windows or skylights. Your interior will only become brighter and the small open area will give the feeling of one larger space.

Arrange brilliantly

You will have to be crafty to fit everything in, utilizing the smallest surface and creating yours small nest. It will then be necessary to be aware of all these ideas which will change everything and which are finally easy to put in place. This way you can, for example, replace your classic doors by sliding doors. You can also change bulky chairs or the large armchairs against sitting stackable. On the kitchen side, you can put the handle at an angle to use the maximum surface for your work schedule.

In addition, you can place wooden planks which hangs over the radiators. You can also put them in the door frame to be able to dispose of books etc small decorative items.

Take advantage of the height

If you have a significant ceiling height, you got a good deal there. It’s up to you to find one loft space to form a room such as an office or another bedroom. Allow 2m between mezzanine floor and the ceiling and the same height below, with the risk of leveling the room.

In the bedroom, if the mezzanine is placed on bed corner or to corner office, you can reduce the height between the tray and the ceiling. Otherwise, if you are not interested in the mezzanine, it is possible toinstall a library from floor to ceiling or arrange certain elements in your kitchen on high shelves. Finally, you can imagine a false ceiling that will camouflage the storage.

learn to hide

To hide, hide…in a small spaceis better to masterhide art. To do this, create niches directly in the wall. You can there store your books or even your dishes. You can also suspend wall shelves almost to the ceiling. You can also use the smallest space by pushing your suitcase filled with household linen under the sofa or under the bed. Likewise is sliding drawers of your kitchen units are often equipped with floor castors to make the most of the smallest space.

Use special furniture

There are now all kinds on the market furniture for small roomsstarting with mini appliances. You can find there opening washing machine on top or several models only 30-40 cm deep. As for the stove, Triple from Rosieres, one of a kind, it was made for mini rooms. This brings together the dishwasher, stove and oven in one place.

In addition, there is also Petit fours or of mini dishwasher which as a bonus is built-in. However, these mini formats do not only concern household appliances. They also concern all the useful accessories in the house: mini coffee machine, mini vacuum cleaner, etc.

Another option, choose multifunctional furniture, versatile and practical, providing multiple services. Sometimes you have to use your imagination create to measure. So you can choose one drop-leaf table which will function as a dining area or office area depending on the time of day. Also Morning hair who, equipped with small shelves on the side, functions as a bedside table.

Dry the XXL decoration

Just because your apartment is small doesn’t mean you absolutely have to downsize your entire apartment decoration in mini size. On the contrary, to create a contrast and bring scale to a small room, you need to choose a rather significant decorative element. Mirrors thus work very well, as they give the impression of a larger room.

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