IN PICTURES, IN PICTURES. Cotentin: this weekend was a celebration of historic cars and two-wheelers

This Saturday, August 27, 2022, more than 65 cars were visible in the heart of the Rauville-la-Bigot (Manche) party. (© La Presse de la Manche)

While in front of the town hall of Rauville-la-Bigot (Channel), a wedding has just ended, in the back, the collection of vehicles for the community festival has just begun. For the first time in its existence, this traditional festival is accompanied by a gathering of vehicles. “I proposed to the festival committee the idea of ​​animating the party on Saturday afternoon”, explains Gregory Lecompte, who is preparing to move the barriers to bring new vehicles into the parking lot.

The organizer has a big smile since 14:30, at the start of the event, “of many visitors is already there”. And the success doesn’t just stop with the visitors, because even on the side enthusiasts who come to exhibit their car broke Gregory records. ” We had originally set the gauge to 50 cars, and we are already at 65 “, he rejoices.


Among these enthusiasts, many Manchois, but not only. Cathy and Patrick, installed near their vehicle, come from Condé-sur-Noireau. “It’s usual for us,” exclaims the enthusiast. The couple owns two vintage cars: a Twingo left the factory 25 years ago“which stayed in the garage this weekend”, and one Toyota Celica Supra from 1985.

It was with the latter that the couple came to Rauville: “A discovery for us, we had already done Beaumont for example, but not Rauville”. For Cathy it is the opportunity to “meet people, enthusiasts like us”.

And their car actually attracts the other exhibitors who come to admire latest model of Toyota’s “Celica Supra” series. “There are only two models of this kind, two-tone, in France,” adds Cathy. And Patrick concludes: “She inspired a car movie theater : that DeLorean from the movie Back to the Futurenaturally.

And if we talk about movie and car, another classic comes to mind: Cab ! Just Pascal Picard, a taxi driver in Condé-sur-Vire in everyday life, is the lucky one owner of a replica car from the movie Taxi 3. “I bought it in 2019 and it was finished being customized in 2021,” recalls the enthusiast who installed for more than €10,000 in accessories to his answer!

A few years ago, after a rebroadcast of the films on TV, the Manchois had that privilege meet Christian Bonnichon, the creator of the many accessories for the taxis in the films Cab. Pascal will also have the privilege of seeing the original car from the movies, and will thus be the trigger that will make him embark on this crazy project “with a friend”.

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But the show doesn’t stop at the movie cars. At the entrance, a American Lobster attracts young and old. At the back of the parking lot, a collection of 2CVs reminds some of their youth. In front of them, a Triumph and one Jaguar is under the blink of an eye from the phones of Marius and Bastien, both 11 years old: “There aren’t often people like that on the road! “. The elderly also lend themselves to the photo shoot and ask the owners of the various cars for it get behind the wheel.

Motorcycles and Solex

They don’t have a steering wheel, but are just as successful: it motorcycles ! A very large number of them were brought off association “Les Vieux Pistons du Cotentin”. A total of one twenty two-wheelers complete the meeting. “Individuals have also brought Solex, says Gregory. We really need to thank the participants: they made this first edition a full success. And when the people from the workshop sales come by after their shopping, we are shielded, but it’s nice! »


“I no longer recognize anyone in Harley Davidson”

During the afternoon of this Saturday, August 27, 2022, there was atmosphere and decibels at the site of the apple market in Carentan. Before leaving for a first race, whose delivery point was Sainte-Mère-Eglise, the approximately 200 motorcycles that took part in the rally organized by the V-Rod Legend and Passion association were admired by the public.

First trips in a Mustang or on a motorcycle

Departing from the Normandy Victory Museum in Catz, which acts as a base and welcomes exhibitors throughout the weekend, the beautiful American bikes have arrived, engines roaring, in the heart of Carentan in a remarkable oiled ballet. “Harley collections, there are many, but there was nothing for the V-Rod, which is one of the models of the brand that we particularly like because it is a motorcycle with the style stripped down and generally powerful,” explains Patrick Gicquel, president of V-Rod Legend and Passion. So as a motorcycle enthusiast (all motorcycles) for 50 years I had the idea to create an annual event three years ago. Due to the success we formed an association based in Caen. After Cabourg and Ouistreham, we are therefore in Carentan-les-Marais this weekend. »
“All the motorcycles that are here are generally prepared by their owners, which means that each one is unique. This time we have linked another model from Harley Davidson, the Breakout. But there are also people with us who ride other types of motorcycles. As for the nationality of the participants, apart from the French, Belgians, Dutch and also Ivorians from a motorcycle club in Abidjan who are currently on a tourist stay in France have joined us. »
For lovers of beautiful bodywork, new or older, about twenty Ford Mustangs complete the collection.



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