concern over the Zaporizhia power plant; Poland and the Czech Republic will protect Slovak airspace

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220 mortar explosions, 2 injured, in Sumy oblast according to Dmytro Zhyvytskyy head of the military administration

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A Ukrainian artillery unit fires a BM-27 Ouragan, a 220 mm self-propelled rocket launcher, at a position near a front line in the Donetsk region on August 27, 2022.

Dell Technologies Inc. ceases all activities in Russia

Dell Technologies Inc. announced on Saturday that it would end all its activities in Russia and has closed its offices in mid-August. The US computer company, which notably supplies servers to Russia, had already suspended sales to Ukraine and Russia in February, saying it was reviewing the situation before deciding what to do next. “In mid-August, we closed our offices and ceased all activities in Russia”Dell spokesman Mike Siemienas told Reuters.

History in pictures of six months of war, to the rhythm of bombings and international sanctions, with the population and voluntary mobilizations

On February 24, Russian President Vladimir Putin declared the beginning of a “special operation” in Ukraine and launched its troops to attack this neighboring country. The country celebrated independence in 1991 on Wednesday, six months to the day after the Russian invasion.

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The Czech Republic and Poland pledge to protect Slovakia’s airspace

The Czech Republic and Poland will retain the airspace of neighboring Slovakia, while the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) member country is parting ways with its Russian-made MiG-29s, it said. Saturday, the Slovak Ministry of Defense.

An agreement on the protection of Slovak airspace by the Czech and Polish air forces was signed on Saturday by Slovak Defense Minister Jaroslav Nad, with his Czech counterparts Jana Cernochova and Polish Mariusz Blaszczak. The agreement enters into force on 1eh September, when the Slovak MiG-29 fighters are grounded »Defense Ministry spokeswoman Martina Koval Kakascikova said in a statement.

Earlier, the ministry announced that it would decommission the MiGs as their maintenance had become very expensive and Russian personnel were gradually leaving Slovakia. In April, Slovak Prime Minister Eduard Heger said his country could send the MiG-29s to Ukraine, but gave no details. On August 14, Nad denied reports that Slovakia had already handed over the units to Ukraine, adding that no final decision had yet been made.

The Czech Republic and Poland will protect Slovak airspace until US F-16 fighter jets are delivered to Slovakia to replace the MiG-29s. Their purchase was completed in 2018 and delivery is scheduled for 2024.

Cyber ​​attack: France will help Montenegro

France will bring its cybersecurity expertise to government institutions in Montenegro at the request of this North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) member state, which is targeting a major computer attack on state institutions. This is the second cyber attack in a week in Montenegro, in the wake of a motion of no confidence that toppled the country’s government on August 19.

“The French government is responding positively to the request of the Montenegrin authorities and is making the National Information Systems Security Agency (Anssi) available to provide support and assistance for detection, analysis and cyber security remediation.”said Saturday in a press release the delegated minister responsible for the digital transition and telecommunications, Jean-Noël Barrot and the foreign minister, Catherine Colonna. “ANSSI will provide its analytical and advisory capacity, its expertise and its know-how to the Montenegrins to understand the situation and initiate the first immediate remedial measures”, the text added. The Minister’s delegate recalled that this mission was a part “in line with the project to create a regional center for the development of cyber capabilities, led by France and Slovenia, which will be based in Montenegro”.

Members of the Chechen volunteer battalion

Russia returns 428 bodies from Mariupol

Ukraine’s Commissioner for Missing Persons in Special Circumstances Oleg Kotenko said 428 bodies had been transferred from Mariupol, including more than 300 Azovstal defenders, according to the Ukrainian government’s website.

A Russian rocket hit the historic district of Kharkiv

In the center of Kharkiv on August 27, 2022.

A Russian rocket hit the historic district of Kharkiv in the early hours of Saturday, injuring one person, police said. The rocket damaged nearby buildings and left a large crater in the road.

Kiev and Moscow continue to blame each other for the bombings near the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant

Vladimir Putin signs a decree facilitating the stay of Ukrainians

Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed a decree simplifying residence and work for hundreds of thousands of people who have left Ukraine for Russia since the Kremlin’s military intervention. According to this news “provisional measures”published on Saturday, holders of Ukrainian passports, as well as residents of the pro-Russian separatist regions of Donetsk and Luhansk in southeastern Ukraine, will be able to stay in Russia “without time limit”. Until now, they could only officially stay in Russia for ninety days in a period of one hundred and eighty days. For longer stays, it was necessary to obtain a work permit or a special permit.

The persons in question have it now “the right to carry out a professional activity in Russia without a work permit”, the decree specifies. However, to take advantage of this measure, they must submit to a fingerprint, photo ID and drug and infectious disease screening. The text also prohibits the deportation of Ukrainian citizens from Russia, except for those who have been released from prison or are considered a threat to Russia’s security. In a separate decree, Vladimir Putin ordered to pay social assistance to vulnerable people (pensioners, disabled, pregnant women) who had to leave Ukraine and the separatist territories.

Scene after a Russian attack in the city of Sloviansk, Donetsk region, Ukraine, August 27, 2022.

Using the same technology as the French reactors, the six units at the largest power plant in Europe have safety systems similar to those in other European countries. After the Fukushima accident in Japan in 2011, for example, Ukraine improved its facilities to deal with a situation of total loss of power supply. It thus has around twenty emergency diesel engines that can take over in the event of a supply failure and can run for seven days before needing refueling. The supply of electricity is an essential element for the operation of power plants, making it possible to cool the reactors and prevent a meltdown of the core.

But the Zaporizhia facility, like all the other facilities, was not designed to operate in a context of armed conflict. “The robustness of the walls and the redundancy of the safety systems are favorable factors in the event of a launch on the buildings housing the reactors, but up to a certain point.”notes Olivier Gupta, the Director General of the French Nuclear Safety Authority and President of the Association of Nuclear Safety Authorities of Western European Countries.

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UK donates underwater drones to Ukraine

The British government announced on Saturday that it is donating six underwater drones to Ukraine to help clear mines from the country’s coasts. “Three of them will be supplied from UK warehouses and three more will be bought from industry”says the government.

These drones “operates effectively at depths of up to 100 meters to detect, locate and identify mines using a range of sensors so that the Ukrainian Navy can destroy them”, we can read on the website of the British government, which promises to train dozens of soldiers of the Ukrainian Navy to use them. The UK already runs an international program to train “up to 10,000 Ukrainian volunteer recruits with basic military skills”.

Hanna, 62, cries at the grave of her son, 41, a Ukrainian soldier who died during the war against Russia, at the cemetery in Lviv, Ukraine, on August 27, 2022.
A factory destroyed by a Russian strike in the city of Sloviansk, Donetsk region, on August 27, 2022.

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