IN PICTURES, IN PICTURES. King Arthur Festival: discover the Kouign Zone, this new place open to everyone

Kouign Zone is dj sets, a bar and entrance resorts as fun as it is absurd in an atmosphere half disco, half carnival. (©Brian Le Goff / News Rennes)

“A slightly different proposal than what we usually do. This is the will of the King Arthur Festival by opening Kouign area the whole weekend. Gervaismember of the organization responsible for decoration and animation for the event, sums up this new concept as one “jewelry-guinguette”.

A place apart

In this room, isolated from the rest of the festival, behind the Lancelot stage, a red tent stand up. Below is dj set in turn and festival-goers let themselves go to the rhythm of the music. This Saturday and Sunday night, Club Roquette, Vanadis, Zazu, Jim Irie, Stick to the Groove, Donov, will take care of the musical atmosphere in this new place.

Outside the tent is lighting effects give the place a magical character.

People like the scenes, but also the different animations, and that’s what we wanted to offer here with an animation team and the Totoblack company.

GervaisResponsible for decoration and animation at the King Arthur Festival

Actually, it is this year Nantes collective builders, visual artists and actors TotoBlack invests the Kouign zone with its fairgrounds for three crazy and exciting nights.

Four booths to discover

That eighty fever grabs viewers with “CanadyLove”, “la Mailloche”, “Confiz Shop” and “Fotomob”.

  • Candy Love: are you ugly and alone? You knocked on the good door! Candy, Mercedes & Patricia, the toto bimbo style welcomes you and listens to you. Rimel princesses, star system goddesses, express makeovers, manicures, glitter, bleaching, tattoos, foot baths and vacations in Hawaii… Listen to miss curler’s selecta lova lova and relax, let yourself go, tell your life story where you pamper yourself. ..
Candy Love is an intimate curiosities where confession is welcome.
Candy Love is an intimate curiosities where confession is welcome.
(©Hugo Murtas / News Rennes)
  • Mailloche: let yourself be intoxicated by the rock’n’roll of Moktar, Shériff Mouloud and Michel Michel, come and test your ego! Defy the Demamob ball rings by hitting the biggest and most beautiful hammer in the West with a sledgehammer…Ring the bell and rekindle the flames of hell!!! If you win, the crowd will cheer you, then you will be served a shot of hooch. If you fail, you’ll be the laughing stock of the neighborhood forever!
La Mailloche attracts many festival goers passing through the Kouign area.
La Mailloche attracts many festival goers passing through the Kouign area. (©Brian Le Goff / News Rennes)
  • Confiz Shop: do you stink? Take a bonbon! If you want to win a candy or an alcoholic mouthwash, you have to face Jojo and Jackie, who take you into their quirky world of fairground fun. Since the wheel of chance is the sole decision maker of your winnings, you will quickly understand that it is only reason to come and laugh with friends. Chances and the desire for profit quickly mix with jealousy, cheating, yelling and laughter… Guaranteed cavity, it’s up to you!
  • Photo mob: Dylan Demamob decides to open his own racing bike shop. Accompanied by Jason, his faithful apprentice, he shares his love and know-how on the 49.9cc. They now invite you for a souvenir photo: take a hunt on asphalt, get on their AV 78 black edition comfort bike and smile! Wind in the face, in a garage, we dress you up for a trip at 110 per hour. Helmets and jackets provide absolute safety. A powerful, intense and timeless moment in the company of a great master.

The Kouign area is limited to 500 people maximum simultaneously and is ” open to all”. And by “open to all”, Gervais means openness. “This place is really open to as many people as possible, including lgbt+ people. »

And why “Kouign” zone?

With the name of this new place, the reference to the famous Breton dessert will not have escaped your attention. “But it’s not just that, Kouign zone, it’s the counterpart of King Arthur and Kouign for the queen, the queen, King Arthur’s wife”.

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The festival also revised its decoration by installing wooden pergolas.
The festival also revised its decoration by installing wooden pergolas. (©Hugo Murtas / News Rennes)

Outside of this specific area is decoration also developed at the festival with wooden gates to demarcate the entrance of the festival guests and the Kouign zone. “We wanted bring in natural elements to stick to the logic of sustainable development, which the organization initiated several years ago”, concludes Gervais.

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