5 games like BGMI to play on phones with 4GB RAM

It has been almost a month since the Indian government imposed its ban on BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India) for security reasons. The development has been major and has caused damage to some streamers in terms of viewership, while the game’s esports ecosystem has also suffered various setbacks.

The Indian variant of PUBG Mobile servers are still active despite the ban, but the future of the game is uncertain. So it makes sense that users are looking for a replacement for BGMI as it might stop working on most devices.

Today, smartphones with at least 4 GB of RAM are very common in India and are also generally compatible with Battlegrounds Mobile India. To help people find a suitable alternative for the title that can be played on such devices, the following list has been compiled.


BGMI is quite suitable for devices with 4 GB of RAM (Image via Krafton)

Disclaimer: The list is in no particular order and reflects the author’s views.

What are the ideal BGMI alternatives for 4GB RAM devices?

1) New Mobile State (PUBG: New State)

With its PUBG universe connection, New State Mobile automatically becomes the first game to be placed on this list. Formerly known as PUBG: New State, this title is backed by the same company as Battlegrounds Mobile India. So the gaming experience is not that different from the Indian variant PUBG Mobile.

However, New State Mobile offers a futuristic experience with a familiar battlefield. Also, the design of the graphics is slightly different, with added textures and animations.

One can notice some features of New State Mobile including refreshing HUD design, in-game gadgets and additional visual effects. The gameplay is advanced and engaging and will run smoothly on devices with 4GB of RAM if players use medium settings.

2) Call of duty: mobile

COD Mobile is not the best Battle Royale game as it still needs some improvements for the Battle Royale mode. But when it comes to the variety of features it offers, most other games can’t compete with it. Due to the availability of impressive game physics or gun mechanics, the title inherits the legacy of the Call of Duty franchise.

In addition, the developers have ensured that users can experience content from other Call of Duty games. Thus, more fan-favorite characters, weapons and maps from other franchise installments can be found in COD Mobile. In addition, it delivers high-octane action, is immersive and is also compatible with smartphones with 4GB of RAM.

Its BR mode has options like Alcatraz, Warfare, Tank Battle and Sniper Challenge along with a classic variant. The mode is enriched with strategy-based features such as BR classes, weapon perks, airdrops, operator skills and custom weapon plans.

3) Garena Free Fire MAX

Garena Free Fire is one of the most popular free survival shooter games in India. Its popularity was evident with the growth of a YouTube scene marked by the emergence of personalities like Total Gaming, Gyan Gaming, Desi Gamers, etc. In September 2021, Garena introduced the MAX variant of Free Fire to compete with games like BGMI.

This title offers impressive visual quality and is also compatible with low-end devices. Additionally, the MAX variant shares its servers with the original game, allowing Free Fire players to upgrade to this version without creating a new account. It also came in handy for many after Free Fire was banned in India.

Now that BGMI has been banned in the country, players can opt for Free Fire MAX as a decent alternative, especially if they have a 4GB RAM smartphone. In addition, BGMI players can get a familiar gameplay experience, complete with similar weapons – along with various cool features such as gloomy walls and character traits – from this title.

4) Farlight 84

A fairly new BR shooter, Farlight 84, could prove to be an impressive replacement for BGMI. It’s an underrated title that offers immersive BR gameplay. In addition, it has several modes to complement the relatively popular BR variant.

Users can play Farlight 84 battle royale matches on a desolate land mass where 60 contestants compete to be the ultimate winner. One can also find a plethora of firearms scattered throughout the map, along with plenty of advanced options in terms of weapons. The map also features various vehicles to travel across the island.

Farlight 84 also has exosuits that can be used for combat support during battles. However, the game’s most impressive feature is its brilliant graphic design, which seems to be inspired by Fortnite and PUBG Mobile/BGMI. However, it should be noted that there are problems such as stuttering and problems in the title.

5) Apex Legends Mobile

The last entry on this list is Apex Legends Mobile which is similar to PUBG Mobile/BGMI. Much like the Krafton-backed BR shooters, Apex Legends Mobile is also an adaptation of an eponymous BR shooter for PC/console.

Developed by Respawn Entertainment, Apex Legends Mobile offers the same immersive gameplay with high-quality graphics as BGMI. Apex Legends’ BR mode offers realistic visuals and engaging combat.

Futuristic gameplay can be experienced which involves players playing in different team modes where the team option is teams of three members. Users can choose any legend they want before going to an island to see who is the last man or team standing.

Apex Legends Mobile has different legend abilities, futuristic weapons, health systems and more that one can use to perform better in a match. Like BGMI. Apex Legends Mobile runs well on most smartphones with 4GB of RAM. But since the game is still relatively new, it needs some optimizations.

Edited by Soumyadyuti Ghosh

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