“Why bother painting” the new exhibition in the Saint-Ravy room from 3 to 24 September

To open its new artistic season, Espace Saint-Ravy is pleased to welcome the painter Frédéric Plumerand. For this exhibition, the artist presents almost 45 canvases, kind of windows that mix imagination, reflections of life and current topics.

The painter mainly depicts women and children who seem to be searching for an opening in a somewhat surreal architectural labyrinth. Each work hides a strange atmosphere from which a tension emerges that keeps the visitor spellbound, making him want to walk through the corridors and push open the door.

Opens Friday, September 2, 2022

Frédéric Plumerand explains his artistic approach to the realization of his oil paintings

“I proceed in several stages: a vision that is the result of a feeling, a meeting, a current event, a story about the world or daily life, is followed by a careful collection of images or personal snapshots. I then conduct a work of selection between assembly and disjunction. So I use software for retouching and processing digital photographs that have followed me for so many years. I then play with entangling what was separate and breaking down what created continuity: such as historical and cultural changes, religions or the alleged world order My works are produced without expressing a tension between the dimensions of life (social, political, psychological) and dimensions of bodies and objects: a loss of gravity, of landmarks in space-time and a confusion between the exterior and interior Questioning the porosity of borders is therefore my leitmotif, where interior (intimate) and interior (domestic), real and phantasmagoric mix.

If my first productions drew me towards the abstract, I later found my balance in a certain figurative aspect which blurs the tracks at the same time as a working method and an aesthetic that will never leave me. My creations certainly bear the stamp of Francis Bacon, Edward Hopper or René Magritte, but they are also marked with the registers of the 7th art. My paintings have a dramaturgy that vacillates between the atmosphere of Alfred Hitchcock, Frederico Fellini and Ken Loach.

The informed or newly enlightened public will be able, during the visit, to go alternately from a joyous, burlesque, fellinic or even surreal world to an alien world, where the territory of the subconscious and the domestic and social territory will mix, where the female figure and ages in life has a good part in an environment of Hitchcockian intrigue. Finally, another part will focus on the state of the world, Elsewhere, where the news echoes the upheavals in our universe, for a day or for eternity.

“If it can be said, why bother to paint it?” said Francis Bacon one day, who had the art and manner of expressing himself with humor and philosophy about his art. For me, painting is revealing beyond words. It is to reveal my imagination imbued with re-composed stories from ancient and modern times. »


Frédéric Plumerand was born in 1956 in Nevers. Since he was 17, the age of his arrival with his family in Montpellier, he has never left it. This is the city where he discovered the painting. There he took evening classes at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts. Then his route takes him to the Brassart School of Graphic Art in Tours from 1974 to 1978. The underlying obligation of the time pushes him to professionalize. Then he finds a compromise, acquired as a graphic designer-illustrator. In retrospect, his twenty-five-year profession is less a parting with painting than a momentum toward uninterrupted creation.

The 2000s was a significant turning point for him, when he decided to put aside his position as a graphic designer to devote himself exclusively, almost frantically, to oil painting. At the same time, Frédéric Plumerand is involved in associations and collectives that support people in precarious situations, such as Secours Populaire or Maison des Chômeurs. He offers his support as a citizen, but above all as an artist. Indeed, his universe is permeable to his sensitivity to the social, current and global issues as much as the daily lives of the marginalized. In 2019, the artist-painter made a personal exhibition at the Hofer-Bury Museum in Lavérune, where he shared a large number of his works.

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