the booking level is still very low compared to 2019

Despite the resumption of tourism this summer, the level of bookings for rental cars remains 60% lower than the level of 2019, notes comparator Carigami, which highlights sharply rising prices.

Better than 2021, but well below the level of 2019: this is what we can maintain from the summer report on the car rental market published this Thursday by Carigami.

The car rental comparison does indeed evoke a 9.5% increase in bookings compared to last year, but highlights a still very significant difference with the levels recorded in 2019, the last year before the covid pandemic. 19, about -60%.

Prices have doubled compared to 2019

Main reasons: the lack of vehicles, which limits the rental offer, and an average price of 529 euros, an increase of 48% in France and abroad compared to 2021, which pushes more and more tourists to turn to rentals between individuals.

Note that this price includes the rent and any options and insurance taken out, but not the fuel budget. An important point when prices at the pump are currently much higher than the summers of 2021 and 2019, which has also encouraged the rental of hybrid and 100% electric models.

On this ranking, France does quite well with prices “only” up 33% compared to last year, i.e. an average price for a week’s rent this summer of almost 500 euros against 377 euros in 2021.

But it is especially compared to 2019 that the increase in prices is impressive, with a price more than doubled (+ 115%). Three years ago, the average price to rent a vehicle in France in the summer was 233 euros.

In Italy from 212 to 588 euros

In some destinations, the increase is even greater. In Italy, from 212 euros on average in 2019, the car rental week had increased to 435 euros last year (+35%) and to 588 euros in summer 2022 (+177% compared to 2019).

Spain remains the cheapest destination among the destinations chosen by Carigami, but with a sharp increase also in the average price this summer: from 142 euros in 2019, it was necessary to pay 276 euros this year (+ 159%).

“As was already the case in previous years, Spain continues to fall in the ranking. Faced with the increase in prices in this flagship low-cost rental destination, consumers have preferred to turn to Greece, Croatia or even South Africa, which turns out to be a road trip destination at affordable prices (even if it is the southern winter), and the Nordic countries, despite traditionally very high prices”, underlines the press release from Carigami.

Holiday boom abroad

While it represented 45.2% of summer 2021 rentals, France remains the main destination, but represented just one in four car rentals this year. The United States and Canada, whose borders were still closed last summer due to the health crisis, find themselves the second and fourth destinations respectively.

In this context of more distant destinations and sharply rising prices, the comparator thus notes an increase in the expectation to order a car, from 32 days in 2021, to 49 days on average this summer.

Nice, French champion in the most expensive rental
Car rental prices have also risen sharply in France. In Paris, the leading destination in terms of volumes of rented vehicles, for example, we went from 252 euros per week in 2019 to 544 euros this summer, an increase of 116%.
But it is in Nice that we find the biggest increase and the highest average price: 598 euros per week this summer, i.e. a multiplication of almost 3 compared to the 2019 price, to 194 euros.
In Corsica, where it was necessary to count on a budget of about 480 euros per week, Figari is strangely ahead of Ajaccio and Bastia in the number of rented vehicles, a first. Carigami’s explanation: “a fleet of available vehicles is simply better calibrated to demand.

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