The Best Laptop Backpacks Under $90

How do you carry a laptop to college? What is the best bag for a MacBook Air? How about a 15-inch computer for a business trip? What are the backpacks that best combine elegance and comfort? Numerama’s editors have prepared a careful and up-to-date selection that meets all needs.

In the world of accessories, there are few investments as important as a good backpack. It’s a bit like shoes: You can easily be satisfied with a first price, but you will quickly get pain in the extremities, or you risk simply seeing the sole fall off after a few months of use.

The job as a journalist requires us to transport heavy equipment under all circumstances. Computer, camera, batteries, chargers, drones… everything goes there and often for long periods. In spite of ourselves, at Frandroid and Numerama, we have therefore remained bag geeks which tries many models to find perfection: the bag that will rest your back and that does not look like a military pack.

If this holy grail does not really exist, because concessions are the essence of these choices, several models come close to it. You will find them in this guide highlighting mixed models and which have been audience drawn by the editors and numerous external consultants.

The best value for money: the Xiaomi commuter backpack

The Xiaomi bag // Source: Mi

A backpack for 19.99 euros is definitely a scam! Think again: the Xiaomi backpack is a good offer, which the editors at Numerama tried and immediately took over. As well as being quite elegant with its ‘Ikea ​​sofa’ style fabric, it has multiple compartments to clearly delineate your belongings. The one dedicated to the computer is even padded to absorb shocks.

Bonus: the new model even has a water bottle pocket on the side, and a strap to attach to suitcases.

The most comfortable backpack: Eastpak Out of Office

east package 1
Out of Office is roomy // Source: Eastpak

Did you know ? Eastpak is not only its iconic bag carried by 98.7% of teenagers and decorated with blanco tags or personalized with metal bands. When we delve into the giant’s collection, we find models always inspired by the culture sk8ter, but which adapts to other stages of life. Out of Office retains exactly the simplistic look that we associate with the brand, but offers much more space and enough to store a large computer (normally still 27 L!)

There is only one quick access but several pockets and computer compartments, and it is available in many colors. Some are even less than 50% on Amazon.

The unexpected surprise: Elops

The Elops backpack // Source: tikamp

There are backpacks that impose themselves: the Elops sold at Decathlon are part of this category. In a mystifying variety, it immediately catches the eye, tastefully oscillating between matte and gloss. The bag was originally designed for cycling – in addition, Elops also sells very practical two-wheeled bags – but it will adapt to the needs of any city dweller who is looking for style, but would not have a hundred euros to spend at the start of the school year. It is waterproof, reflective and can easily hold your laptop. Be careful, it’s better to order it online, because there are not many left in the store.

Ask first: Rain

is raining
Rains’ backpack is waterproof // Source: Rains

Always nervous about important topics, Numerama’s editors bar Rains long before all of Paris decided it was cool. The Danes of Rains collections combine elegance and versatility. All bags are equipped with a sewn-in back pocket that allows you to accommodate a computer – 13 and 15 inches pass without problems in the most common version. A zip pocket inside helps keep sensitive items warm, and a pocket on the back provides access to documents you may want to keep close at hand – that’s where we put our removable batteries.

The colors are up to you – the shades are all tasteful, the darker ones go well with suits and the lighter ones with any outfit. Bonus: as the name suggests, Rains specializes in waterproof clothing – the bags are therefore perfectly suited for use in the northern half of France. And you can easily combine them with other products in the range, of good quality.

Terrain: iTiwit

it's okay
ITIWIT is mainly sold at Decathlon

ITIWIT is a water sports brand and it shows: its bags are all perfectly waterproof, which is often much more practical than you think! In France, Decathlon has made them flagship products in the year 2022: well highlighted on the shelves at the entrance to the stores, ITIWIT backpacks have sold like hot cakes. Blame it on their backpacker-friendly look, which still manages to remain elegant (they actually look better in real life than in pictures) and their comfortable colors (you can find them in black, navy blue, gray and orange), not without a touch of madness.

The 20-liter ITIWIT that we use in the Numerama editorial office is a concentrate of simplicity: a large pocket where you can slip a lot of items, a practical pocket to put your computer in, and another compartment that you can close . with zipper. Made for the city as well as the mountains, the bag allows you to keep your back straight even when you’re heavily loaded thanks to reinforced and multiple straps (you can also tie it in the front for more support). At 35 euros it is very good value for money.

Fjällräven: the colorful must-have

fjallraven bag
A Kanken bag // Source: fjallraven

We know that for years, if not decades, the countries of Northern Europe have produced some of the most elegant and practical objects in the world, from furniture to backpacks (hello Ikea). We can feel all their know-how in terms of object design and we never give in to aesthetics for the sake of aesthetics or to tasteless utilitarianism. Fjällräven’s little fox is exactly in this philosophy.

The brand offers ultra-rugged fabric bags that for a few generations have had a padded pocket on the back to hold a computer. Yes, even in the small Kånken it is possible to accommodate one of the latest MacBook Pros. The double handle allows you to rest your back whenever you want, and the very large side pockets can carry water and a backup battery. In addition, you have a large selection of options at your disposal.

The Herschel alternative: classic but effective

Herschel 2
A blue Herschel bag // Source: Herschel

Overall, the Herschel bag is similar to the green Stan Smiths. A basic that has become a bit too (too?) popular, but retains its qualities: a vintage style, expected but effective, with practical little pockets. The Canadian draws his lines backpacks wanderers, to which he adds a refined urban side. Front pocket with hidden zipper, player pocket, computer compartment, interior pockets, key ring… The Herschel series, whose biggest representative is Little America, lacks nothing.

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