Marvel: 5 series that you do not know to watch absolutely on Disney +

We already have a good idea of ​​the next Marvel Studios series that will succeed She-Hulk: Lawyerof iron heart on Echoawaiting confirmation of a few other important items of the future phase 5 which will begin in 2023.

Meanwhile, the Marvel universe is already filled with content of every kind from the Disney+ platform’s rich catalog. Some lesser-known series stand out in tone and nature from the must-haves Loki Where Wanda’s visionto the point where you might have missed a few.

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CNET France therefore helps you see it a little more clearly without scroller endless among the dozens of Marvel programs available with five choices : Marvel 616, MODOK, Hit-Monkey, X-Men (1992), and Rocket and Groot.

Which unknown Marvel series should you watch on Disney+?

An unexpected behind-the-scenes look at Marvel’s creation: Marvel 616


A documentary anthology tracing the cultural, historical and social impact of Marvel Comics, as well as its relationship to the real world. Each film independently depicts the creative process of industry players.

Why discover it?

Since 1938, Marvel comics have had time to conquer the world, as have merchandise, artwork, and what is least quantifiable: the inspiration of multiple generations.

In fact, the eight subjects in the documentaries Marvel 616 are quite distant from each other, but also very much connected by one principle: getting the creators to talk and how they found a place or window of inspiration to enter the Marvel universe.

Gillian Jacobs, the actress best known for the series Community, goes behind the camera to give voice to comics creators from different generations who have established themselves through resilience and opportunity. Among other things, she gives a lot of voice to Sana Amanat, editor of Mrs. Marvel, the first series with a Muslim heroine, from her comic book culture, largely instilled by her brothers, but also constructed by herself; and the need for authenticity and creative fluidity that guided the initial questions.

Marvel 616these are first-person testimonies, facing the camera, which draw the big and small story that led them to bring Marvel characters to life: cosplayer, Japanese Spider-Man or even a showman, all hide unexpected paths.

Does it have any ties to the Marvel Cinematic Universe? None.

  • Watch the trailer for season 1:

An irreverent animated comedy: MODOK


The megalomaniacal supervillain MODOK (voiced by Patton Oswalt) has spent years chasing the dream of taking over the world. But after years of failures and battles against Earth’s mightiest superheroes, MODOK has brought his organization, AIM, to ruin. Stripped of his position as leader, abandoned by his wife, mistreated by his children, MODOK will have to face his greatest challenge: a midlife crisis that will turn the universe upside down!

Why discover it?

This is one of Marvel’s first forays into adult animation, and the means have been put in place: the animation is entrusted to the same studio that provides Robot chicken. In fact, MODOK and its congeners evolve in a universe of odds and ends, resembling animated characters and destruction, which makes it charming and inventive.

Patton Oswalt, actor who has already been seen in Agents of SHIELDplays here a sensitive anti-hero, a supervillain who has to face a challenge worse than all his enemies combined: his divorce and a complicated relationship with his son Lou (Ben Schwartz) and his daughter Melissa (Melissa Fumero de Brooklyn Nine-Nine).

Like its animation, the series forgoes schoolboy humor for sophisticated dialogue that serves up hilarious situations that always threaten to backfire on MODOK. The series uses a lot of third-tier antagonists, which are sure to surprise enlightened fans of comics… And Iron Man himself makes an appearance, inevitably humiliating MODOK

A dazzling creative success that is worth a detour, but unfortunately has no future: it was canceled last May.

Does it have any ties to the Marvel Cinematic Universe? This incarnation has none; but the character of MODOK will appear in the movie Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania, scheduled for February 15 in theaters. Watching the series can therefore familiarize you with him.

  • Experience the Machiavellian universe of MODOK with its VOST trailer:

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A crude animated series: Hit-Monkey


A Japanese snow monkey, aided by the ghost of an American assassin, embarks on a quest for revenge in Tokyo’s underworld and becomes the famous “killer’s killer.”

Why discover it?

Direct adaptation of the comics by Daniel Way and Dalibor Talajic, Hit monkey is the second adult anime series ordered by Hulu at the same time as MODOK

It’s also easily the bloodiest as it features an ape vendetta whose entire tribe has been wiped out by henchmen who were looking for an American hitman (voice of Jason Sudeikis) visiting Tokyo. Better: the contract killer (Bryce Fowler) returns after the massacre in the form of a ghost to help the monkey become a more effective killer and to carry out the investigation that will lead him to the assassins of his tribe.

Hit monkey connects the impressive action scenes with no downtime, remains generous on spills of limb and has nothing to envy anime the darkest is currently being broadcast.

Viewing in the original version is recommended to hear Jason Sudeiki’s voice, as it is crucial for Ted Lasso, who comments on his monkey apprentice’s misdeeds with the same clap as at a football game. Confusing!

Does it have any ties to the Marvel Cinematic Universe? None.

  • Experience a Japanese adventure like no other with the trailer:

A Groundbreaking Animated Adaptation: X-Men (1992)


In the Marvel universe, mutants, those genetically endowed with superpowers, are persecuted by a frightened population that hates them.

Why discover it?

Among other advantages of the catalog, Disney + sometimes has the good idea to make available animated series invisible in France and legally unavailable for years. And since February 2021, it is the first 2 seasons of the animated series X butlaunched in 1992 in the United States, which are available.

Although Professor X and his mutants had been revered for decades in comics, this serious and faithful adaptation very quickly found its audience; and the renewed success of the comics and merchandise led to Fox acquiring the rights to the X-Men… which would lead to the first film. X but in 1999.

X but is similar to few animated series of the era: no episode is independent, and all series arcs follow each other, deepening each character. The Professor X/Magneto opposition is just as well transcribed, if not better, than in the movies; some characters did not appear in films, such as Gambit and Morph.

And the themes reviewed are very mature for a series designed for the little ones; from AIDS to mental health to anti-mutant political persecution. It is this rejection of lightness that makes the discovery of this animated series recommended, whether in VO or VF.

Is it related to the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Yes. An X-Men animated series from 1997, which continues the storylines of the original series by taking its visual aesthetic, has been ordered by Disney+ for release in the fall of 2023. It is canon in the MCU, although the introduction of the multiverse will allow some liberties.

  • Watch a trailer for the series (in VO):

Dynamic pellets with a familiar duo: Rocket and Groot


Before joining the Guardians of the Galaxy, Rocket and Groot were simple bounty hunters. When their trusty ship breaks down, they are forced to buy the most expensive ship on the market!

Why discover it?

Because it features the adventures of two Guardians of the Galaxy without the rest of the crew; and Rocket Raccoon, without Star-Lord and the others, is even more out of control and raging there.

Groot, in his original appearance from before the first MCU film, serves as a humorous sidekick in spite of himself, and given the very short duration of the episodes (2 minutes), the sketches often get straight to the point. An ill-informed mission preparation driven by the lure of profit, deplorable hygiene serves to trigger conflict.

The episodes can be watched with enthusiasm while respecting the intergalactic universe of James Gunn and spouses. A small feat made in France as the animation was produced by the Fortiche studio!

Is it related to the Marvel Cinematic Universe? We can see it as a canon prequel, although few stories are directly related to the films Guardians of the Galaxy.

  • Watch the first episode of Rocket and Groot:

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