Lézignan-Corbières: Youth Space, a favorite place for teenagers

As part of its youth center, the Maison des jeunes et de la culture has developed the Youth Space, a place that offers year-round activities for teenagers aged 12 to 17. During the summer holidays, many excursions and stays were arranged.

Several years ago, MJC developed the Youth Space, a place dedicated to teenagers aged 14 to 17, expanded to the youngest aged 12 to 14 in the past year. To manage the site, which took place on the ground floor of the structure overlooking the public garden, we find Thomas Labarthe, the coordinator of the youth center and the facilitator Maïlys Saint-Germain. During the year, young people can meet to develop projects and participate in the activities that Thomas and Maïlys put together with them: “This year we had 72 registrants. This is the first time we have had so many young people visit the premises“.

Affordable stay

During the summer, excursions and stays were privileged: “In July they participated every Monday and Tuesday in the “Quartiers d’été” operation organized by the MJC with entertainment. We also did sports walks and we went to the city’s pine forest and to the CFA for solidarity actions to collect waste. For our excursions we use a minibus that we share with the leisure center Lauseta, but we also get them to take public transport to go to Gruissan for example. Some young people are adults now, and we teach them self-governance“. In addition to outdoor activities or at the MJC, several stays are arranged: “As part of “Learning Colos”, a government scheme that we have participated in three times, we organized a stay in Paris focusing on heritage, art and culture (from 18 to 22 July). Eighteen young people – 11 girls and 7 boys – participated. We stayed in a hostel in Montmartre in the heart of Paris. For the framing, visual artist Henri, curator in Narbonne and volunteer at MJC, accompanied us and acted as a guide to make people discover art in a playful way. The costs for families were really interesting, 600€, whereas the cost of the stay is 1000€ and those who had never participated in the learning holiday paid only 100€“. By practicing preferential pricing, MJC pursues its policy of public education, born more than 70 years ago.

learn autonomy

After the first stay in the capital, the organizers brought a group of twelve young people (10 girls and 2 boys) to Cadaques to discover Dali and the marine world he loved. Another stay at a lower price (€180, from August 2 to 4): “This time we were in a villa and we preferred self-catering. The young people took care of their stay: shopping, cooking, cleaning… We took two underwater walks in Banyuls and Anse de Paulilles, a classified site in the department to put wildlife back in the heart from the village. We swim and we discover a lot of things, fish, starfish, seahorses… We also visited Cadaques and Gala’s house, then the theater and the Dali Museum in Figueres with a fleeting exhibition about immigration and an escape game at the museum“. The third stay on extreme sports has been canceled due to the big fires this summer, because it was supposed to take place in Biarritz, but the last one is maintained (from August 29 to 31) in Port Aventura next to Barcelona. the start of the school year, the Espace jeunes will resume its marching speed and projects outside the walls will continue to be carried out. Note that the structure also offers support up to 25 years with Thomas Labarthe who is a youth informant and “web walker”. : “A reception is planned to help and guide young people in their efforts.“.

The youth area is open to everyone. During school periods: Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 16 to 19 and Wednesdays and Saturdays from 10 to 19. In holiday periods: Monday to Friday from 10.00 to 19.00. For any excursion or special activity, registration with the MJC will be mandatory (MJC membership, health record and parental authorization).

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