He chases his wife’s car and hits it in Caen

A man was sentenced on Thursday 25 August 2022 for deliberately hitting his wife’s car in Caen (Calvados). Illustration ©Adobe Stock – Panumas Yanuthai

On Thursday 25 August 2022, Aram*, a 40-year-old man, was brought before the criminal court in Caen (Calvados) for “domestic violence with a weapon and in a state of obvious intoxication” as well as for “damage to the property of others”. The conditions for which he is charged took place on Wednesday 6 April 2022 in Caen.
The next day, he was placed under judicial supervision with a ban on contact or going to his family’s home. When the defendant failed to appear at the hearing and the motion to dismiss was denied because of his potential dangerousness, his attorney gave up representing him.

“He is very sorry for you. Don’t come back. »

Since becoming disabled after an accident at work, this construction worker has been drinking heavily. And the man does not have “good alcohol”, testify his wife and their three children (14, 8 and 3 years old), who are afraid of him, as well as the neighborhood, which hears him howling regularly. What happened this Wednesday in April 2022 was the straw that broke the camel’s back. His partner Nora* has decided to lodge a complaint.

That evening, Nora went out with a friend while her partner stayed at home with the children. He is in the company of Nora’s brother, who calls his sister at around 10pm to warn her. “He drank a lot. He’s very upset with you. He says he’s going to plant you. Don’t come in,” he warns her.

An hour later, as Nora parks, Aram storms out of the building, gets into his Peugeot and drives off, heading towards her. Panicking, she starts again to escape him. Both drive quite fast until the Peugeot crashes into Nora’s Audi in the center of Caen.

Alarmed, the police are faced with a man who is screaming, staggering and who smells of alcohol. He also refuses the breathalyzer. The headlights and front bumper of the Peugeot are damaged, the two airbags are deployed. The Audi has traces on the rear bumper. Nora is in a state of amazement.

“She lives in this climate as if it were banal”

The lawyer for the civil party claims that the abuse is not new, that this woman who boils the pot while cleaning is subject to great mental suffering and wants only one thing: separation.

She lives in this climate of violence and fear as if it were banal. She says he brags about having guns, but she doesn’t know where he hides them. However, she doesn’t want to overwhelm him. She asks for peace and for him to be looked after.

The civil party lawyer

During this unseasonable evening, the window of the front door of his building was broken, and the damage was blamed on Aram. “Possibly, he said in police custody, I don’t remember that”.

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On the other hand, he denied having assaulted his companion, because of that, he remembers well. “I had been drinking whiskey and needed cigarettes. I was in my car when she arrived so I followed her to ask her to go buy me some, it was best I didn’t drive. I hit her, but without wanting to”.

Suspended prison sentence

Prosecutor Jean-Pierre Triaulaire wonders who could believe this version and remembers that there was a manhunt. “That in itself is voluntary violence,” he believes.

Without a criminal record, Aram receives an 8-month suspended sentence, 6-month license suspension and a fine of 150 euros. He must also follow a course to raise awareness of domestic violence.

*Assumed first names.

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