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Even though this market generates billions of dollars every year, it is strongly discouraged to make a career there without solid preparation or training. That is why Zakari, the founding director of MNGT, wants to share his experience with the world through his training. Discover in this article everything you need to know to launch the creation of a luxury car rental agency.

Entrepreneur Zakari’s journey

Being a profitable entrepreneur is not within everyone’s reach. However, some have succeeded. Most started from nothing to build their empire. This is the case with Zakari, founding director of MNGT. A young entrepreneur who made his fortune in the automotive industry, this gentleman’s success can be explained by his determination and unwavering will. Indeed, a small French banker with a salary of barely €1,500 a month, Zakari had a fixed goal: to create his own luxury car rental agency.

A vision that his meager salary did not deter. On the contrary, he was more determined than ever. Starting with a capital of €10,000, he realized his dream. Today he owns a fleet of around twenty luxury cars.

His dazzling success caught the attention of giants in the field such as Georges Maroun Kikano (GMK) and Akram Ojjeh Junior. These famous French influencers have also proven themselves in the industry. Today, they support the GMNT agency for its strong potential.

Eager to help those who also want to launch their luxury car rental agency, young entrepreneur Zakari has created a complete training on the subject. He shares all his secrets with you.

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The contours of MNGT training

The training offered by the MNGT agency is undoubtedly one of the best on the market. You will rarely find such rich and objective content. In fact, the training shows from A to Z how to set up your agency, how to get your first supplier and your first customers.

Creation of his luxury car rental agency

Most people think that it takes thousands, even hundreds of thousands of dollars to start a profitable business. This is not always true. It is possible to start with a small capital. Entrepreneur Zakari is living proof of that.

First, the training offers you a 3-hour video content available for life to learn more about luxury car rentals. You learn everything you need to know in the middle.

Then comes the step of creating your business. This is quite a delicate step as it determines the viability of the project. The MNGT program gives you all the necessary steps to establish your business.

Finally, it is possible for you to push your curiosity on all the possible alternatives. A team is ready to answer all your concerns. You are followed from the beginning to the end of the training and even beyond.

The art of attracting your first customers

What really determines your success in entrepreneurship is your ability to build customer loyalty. It is the customer who makes your success. He is the main character in your project. It must necessarily be at the heart of your priorities.

MGNT understood this very well. Therefore, the agency gives you access to everything you need to secure a loyal clientele. Before you attract the first customer, you must of course first find a reliable supplier who is flexible in his offers.

The MNGT agency provides you with a number of competent car suppliers. You will be spoiled for choice. You therefore have the opportunity to carefully consult the offers of these brands in order to choose the supplier that offers the service that seems best to you.

Once the training is over, there’s no point in panicking. The MNGT agency offers rigorous coaching to guide you through your first steps.

A real satisfaction for those who have tried it

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While some doubt, others have already taken the course and started building their business. Most of those who have taken the course are undeniably satisfied. This can be explained in particular by the many thanks and encouragement videos addressed to the founder of the MNGT agency.

Anyone can succeed, but you have to give yourself the means. For this, no doubt to have in view of such a rare opportunity. This is truly an opportunity to make a name for yourself in the automotive industry. Also, keep in mind that this is a niche that generates billions of dollars every year.

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