Rached Khiari in prison, the others are for when.

Quiet week in Tunisia. It was time for the country to breathe a little after this hectic pace that has lasted since July 25, 2021. After the referendum on a ridiculous constitution and the real charade of the Isie characters, there is a flat calm that characterizes life Politics. The front page of the news is now occupied by Lamine Nahdi, Wajiha Jendoubi and Lotfi Abdelli, the quality of the hotels’ service and Tunisair’s delays. The country may be in trouble politically and economically, but Tunisians have real problems with the rich.

As for Kaïs Saïed, he continues to live in a different era, as if he were not the president of an entire country. Inflation, which reached 8.2%, the highest level since 1991, the consequences for Tunisia of the war in Ukraine, the stagflation of the economy or even the stagnation of the world economy do not worry our powerful president much.

His hobby this week is Tunisian Arabity. Shall we remind him that Dido, Hannibal, Kahena and Tarek Ibn Ziad are not Arabs? That the Arabs conquered us to impose their culture and religion on us? That Tunisians are also Arabs and not only Arabs? Does he know that Benou Hilel did in Tunisia what Daesh did to Chem? Shortly said…

The news of the week that really deserves attention is the arrest of the radical Islamist Rached Khiari. A true scum who has been a fugitive from justice since April 2021.

Business News published a long article recounting his journey and recalling his many and countless misdeeds.

Rached Khiari, sentenced in absentia to four years in prison, is likely to remain there for a good ten years, given the numerous complaints he has filed. Fayçal Tebbini, Mohamed Ammar, Abir Moussi, Nadia Akacha, Hamza Belloumi and many others are among the political and media personalities who filed a complaint against the Islamist and who have been waiting for justice for years.

His pending cases date back to 2016, according to our records, and they are all felonies. He was arrested many times, but each time he managed to get himself released. How ? Thanks to the complicity of the judges or submission after the intervention of high political figures.

It is an open secret that Rached Khiari was Rached Ghannouchi’s dirty work agent. He was the one we sent to hell to do the dirty work.

The El Karama coalition was created with this in mind, and Rached Khiari was one of its famous figures. He was (and still is) more extremist than Seif Eddine Makhlouf.

At the rally, he was conspicuous by his absence from the commissions, but he was often there in front of the cameras to express his utter hatred of all that is anti-Islamist.

He never hesitates to lie or fabricate footage to wear down his opponents. And since justice does not prosecute him or act in such a way that his files sleep in drawers, Rached Khiari allowed himself to move forward, each time adding a layer and enriching his hunt list for a higher caliber victim.

Someone had to put the kibosh and that one’s name is Kaïs Saïed! The President of the Republic filed a complaint after Khiari accused him (as always without evidence) of being funded by the United States during the administration of Donald Trump. He previously accused him of links to Iran.

Except that Rached Khiari, despite being referred to the Military Court (rumored to be more efficient than the ordinary courts) and despite an order to bring in good and proper form, was not arrested. Why ? Because he enjoyed the protection of Islamists and especially Rached Ghannouchi. The arrest warrant was not executed and it was Hichem Mechichi, former head of government and interior minister at the time, who refused to have it executed. He admitted it to me personally, in front of witnesses.

Assured of his impunity and being above the law, Rached Khiari was able to return to the benches of the Assembly and appear before the cameras while there was a search warrant against him! Never ever has the state been so humiliated.

Regardless of whether Rached Khiari is guilty or not, whether he enjoys parliamentary immunity or not, regardless of the reasons that motivated Mr. Mechichi, the fact is that there is a Tunisian citizen who openly Tunisian justice!

This situation was just unbearable.

The day after the coup on 25 July 2021, Rached Khiari went into hiding. In his Facebook posts and in a video he shared, he said he fled abroad. A diversionary lie that assumes the police are naive. Fortunately, she didn’t believe him and ended up catching him after more than a year on the run.

The question we have to ask now is how many Rached Khiari are there in the country? How many Islamists have slipped through the cracks for years using various legal and illegal schemes.

We have the right to ask ourselves why someone who physically attacks a woman, in front of the cameras, is still not punished, more than a year after his heinous act? This is the case of Néji Jmal, who on 18 March 2021 beat the PDL deputy, Zeineb Sefari; by Sahbi Smara, who hit on June 30, 2021, the president of the PDL Abir Moussi and by Seïf Eddine Makhouf, who fired the same president on the same day.

These three deputies escaped justice as it was under the orders of Islamists. A year after the battle, six months after the dissolution of the CSM, they still continue to elude him!

They are not the only ones. Several controversial personalities also continue to escape this justice, like the two judges Taïeb Rached and Béchir Akremi. The latter’s closeness to the Islamists is notorious.

Kaïs Saïed is crying from all the rooftops that he wants the rule of law. It is ! Let him take action and make Rached Khiari the first in a series. We’re not looking for revenge and certainly not settling scores, we’re just looking for justice! Justice for all, without distinction.

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