Good plan: the portable steamer for your clothes

The ideal when you don’t like ironing very much is to choose a steamer. The Steamer or Steamer makes it possible to complete or even replace the iron. The handheld steamer is practical as it does not need to lie flat to steam clothes.

Our selection of clothes steamers:

  1. Portable clothes steamer, Steam Force, Calor Access
  2. Handheld steamer, STM10, H.Koenig
  3. Handheld steamer, GC300/20, Philips
  4. Vertical handheld steamer, BXGS1600E, BLACK&DECKER
  5. Vertical Steamer, Steam Genie Aroma, Russell Hobbs

Portable clothes steamer, Steam Force, Calor Access

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To clean substances and reduce them, the steamer is an ideal piece of equipment. Calor offers a portable clothes steamer with good power and easy operation. With a capacity of 200 ml of water, this steamer has a good power of 2000 watts. It also has a nozzle to clean all textiles thanks to the steam that destroys bacteria. The latter weighs 1.4 kilos.

  • 15 years of repairability and 2 years of warranty
  • 2000 watts
  • A reservoir with 200 ml of water
  • Fast heating in 25 seconds
  • Its continuous steam output up to 30 g/min

  • a bit heavy
  • Not suitable for steaming all heavy substances

Handheld steamer, STM10, H.Koenig

Easy to use and good performance. This affordable steamer from the H.Koenig brand is a good investment. With a capacity of 250 ml, this portable steamer is very practical. It heats up in 35 seconds and the brand offers a 2-year warranty. Its power is correct with 1500 watts for a steam flow of 24 mg/min.

  • Its 250 ml tank
  • Its power of 1500 watts
  • Its quick heating
  • 2-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Its value for money

  • Its weight, just over 1 kilo

Handheld steamer, GC300/20, Philips

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Perfect for tight budgets, this hand steamer can be taken anywhere. The Philips brand actually offers a model with a transparent tank with good capacity for the price. Its power of 1000 watts makes it easy to straighten. In addition, with a capacity of 60 ml, it can diffuse a continuous steam of 20 g/min. It is also very light: less than 800 grams.

  • His weight
  • Its streaming

  • Lacks a little power
  • Small water reserve
  • Don’t bend over

Vertical handheld steamer, BXGS1600E, BLACK&DECKER

Using a handheld steamer can be effective when you are busy. It is not necessary to remove the ironing board to use a steamer. BLACK&DECKER offers a very useful foldable model. With 1600 watts of power, this steamer has a 250 ml water tank. It heats up in 30 seconds and 25g/min continuous steam.

  • Light
  • Fast heating
  • Design
  • 2 years gurantee

Vertical Steamer, Steam Genie Aroma, Russell Hobbs

For travel and accompanying accessories, this Russel Hobbs clothes steamer is highly recommended. Multi-use, it eliminates bacteria on different fabrics. An output of 1800 watts, which makes it efficient. A 200 ml water reserve and a competitive price. This steamer is small in size but big in quality.

  • Its water reserve of 200 ml
  • Its power of 1800 watts
  • Her 3 accessories for curtains, clothes and textiles
  • Its vapor output of 30g

  • Heats up in 45 seconds, a little longer than others
  • Its weight of more than 1 kilo

How to choose a clothes steamer?

Are you hesitating between several clothes steamers without knowing which one is the best? Don’t know what is the ideal power to choose a steamer? Or which format should be preferred over another? It all depends on your use, as different solutions are possible. On the other hand, here are some things to check when choosing your future vaporizer:

  1. The heating time
  2. The price
  3. The water tank
  4. The opinions
  5. Vapor pressure and flow

With all these elements, you will be able to compare the different clothes steamers on the market and choose the one that suits you best.

Le Parisien Le Guide advises you on the choice of steamer

To choose your steamer, many criteria must be analyzed. In fact, you need to pay attention to the price as well as to the other characteristics of the vaporizer, especially its heating time or the capacity of the tank. The consumer experts from Le Parisien Le Guide study these elements to offer you a selection of vaporizers at the best value for money. Without forgetting to look at consumer opinions, which are just as important as the other criteria.

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