Anava’s vintage cars return to the Route Bleue in Nièvre on August 27 and 28

After two years without an event due to Covid, they resume the blue route. On August 27 and 28, around thirty members of the Nivernaise Association of Old Vehicle Enthusiasts (Anava) are organizing their 40th Blue Route. Departing from Clamecy on Saturday 27 August, they cross Burgundy and return to Nièvre on Sunday 28 August.

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The theme of this blue route? From the Duchy of Nivernais to the Duchy of Burgundy. From Clamecy, the members’ old cars will go in particular to the fortress of Thil and the monastery of Bussière, two places in the Côte-d’Or which are not normally open to the public. After visiting a gingerbread factory on Saturday, members will cross Dijon in vintage cars. On Sunday, on the way back, they will also stop at Cussy-la-Colonne, where there is an ancient Roman column, before reaching Autun and then crossing the southern part of the Nièvre.

Today these are mostly post WWII cars. The oldest are from 1948, and the most recent are from 1992

The first tourist rally on the Route Bleue dates back to 1978. And since then, the routes are no longer unique to Nivernais. The first rally stopped at… Saint-Honoré-les-Bains. “At the time, many cars were from before the Second World War, so they didn’t go fast,” explains Marie-France Gournay, president of Anava.

“Today, it is mostly cars after the Second World War. The oldest are from 1948, and the latest are from 1992”.

Deals with the cost of petrol

This 40th Blue Route will only have around thirty participants for around fifteen vehicles, unlike previous editions. The fault of Covid, but especially the price of petrol. “We feel that in all the associations”, laments the chairman. The days of rallies in Dorgogne for four days are over.

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The association has therefore chosen only one excursion in Burgundy, over two days. And to reduce travel and costs, around twenty participants will join the group in Saint-Honoré-les-Bains and finish the rally with them.

Go to Clamecy, Saint-Honoré and Magny-Cours

To see these old or prestigious vehicles in Nièvre this weekend, several strategic points: find them Saturday morning between 8:15 and 9:00 in Clamecy, place du 19-August, then the next day in Saint-Honoré-les – Baths between at 15 and 15.45. The arrival will be around 5 pm in Magny-Cours, the municipality of the association’s headquarters.

At these three stage points, Anava will welcome the public. Between the spa town and the circuit, vehicles will pass through Decize, Avril-sur-Loire, Luthenay-Uxeloup and Saint-Parize-le-Châtel. If you want to find the President in the convoy, look for the old fire truck. And if you see a newer car, it’s probably the mechanic who has been supporting and repairing the group for almost thirty years.

Practice. The Blue Route is a tourist and gastronomic rally reserved for vehicles over thirty years old and limited to fifty people.
Membership. To participate, the annual fee is €40. You must have a vehicle over thirty years old or a prestige vehicle (it can be a customized car). Contact: or

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