Ticad 8, BNA is looking at a bright future

On August 27 and 28, the 8th Tokyo International Conference on African Development, TICAD 8, will be held in Tunisia, for its second visit to the continent since its establishment in 1993. On this occasion, BNA welcomes more than 300 players who will against part of it, including decision-makers, CEOs of large Japanese companies and financiers.

Tunisia, host country for the 8th edition of Ticad

Tunisia is the second African country to host this summit, after Kenya in 2016. This reflects Japan’s confidence, but also and above all the converging vision for Africa’s development.

In this event, Tunisia is betting on the development of its cooperation with Japan: a cooperation that focuses on innovation and technology and on the emergence of new direct investments in SMEs and start-ups.

Crucial questions will be raised by the heads of state and government, who are invited to the occasion. Among the topics we will discuss:

1) Limit the consequences of the war in Ukraine on food security in Africa

2) Create sustainable growth while reducing economic inequalities

3) Make the continent self-sufficient to ensure its human security

Tunisia takes the undeniable chance to organize this event on a planetary scale to put itself at the forefront of the economic scene by showing all its potential to attract donors and investors from the third best economy in the world: j mentioned Japan . Reviving and consolidating collaborations will be two watchwords for our country.

BNA ally of the Tunisian economic recovery

BNA, a universal bank by vocation, has worked since its establishment in 1959 to promote entrepreneurship and to provide project managers with appropriate financing solutions.

Combining its expertise with the needs of Tunisian SMEs and start-ups participating in this mega event, BNA leverages Ticad 8 to further promote the spirit of initiative to reaffirm its commitment to economic growth.

For this 8th edition, BNA has therefore planned an active presence in the economic forum and the parallel events as a partner of TICAD 8 in order to seize the great commercial opportunities offered on the sidelines of this event.

A stand will also be installed at the Cité de la Culture, where BNA will be in direct contact with all the participants to present its financing and support mechanisms in terms of investments and national and international development.

BNA, which has always supported the entrepreneurial structure, has chosen to support innovative startups in the development of their activities, strong in its conviction that they are building the future of the economy in Tunisia. These startups initiate a new perspective towards Africa and the rest of the world. Supported by BNA, which positions itself as an open bank and meets international standards, they succeed in creating value and growth.

In an age of digitization and easy access, BNA presents a modern banking model that transforms banking services into a digitized service that, together with capital management, offers a range of products that offer advice, assistance and the necessary framework for the success of their clients. .

For BNA, you must always connect development with social commitment

Markedly present at important economic meetings such as TICAD 8, the BNA always maintains the same vision of considering the human being as the most important component in the nomenclature of economic growth. Giving it equal opportunities and access to sustainable development that unites human satisfaction and respect for the environment is a matter of course for this committed bank.

With the same motto, BNA has also highlighted its social obligations and social responsibility, so that its banking role contributes to achieving a bright and prosperous future in a preserved environment.

BNA proposes to act in TICAD 8 mode to strengthen its status as a responsible bank working for a Tunisia that unites wealth creation and quality of life.

BNA considers TICAD 8 as an opportunity to promote the Tunisian economy and encourages stakeholders in the Tunisian entrepreneurial and investment ecosystem to take advantage of this opportunity to open up new horizons.

BNA assures them of its presence to consolidate their work and support their efforts to revitalize the Tunisian economy.

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