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Who are you ?

Farid Lahlou: I am 29 years old, Parisian and co-founder with Massoud Ayati and Zafar Baryali of the à la carte and participating moving offer DES BRAS EN PLUS.

What is your concept?

Farid Lahlou: We offer our customers a la carte moving offers. For the first time in our sector of activity, we do not impose offers on our customers, but it is they, according to their needs, according to their means, who will configure their service. Choosing the number of movers, the size of the truck, the duration of the service, and all the services and equipment related to the move. In addition, the offer is participatory: you have the option, if you wish, to participate, or to have your friends or family participate in your move. This way you reduce the number of professional movers and you save money on your moving service.

What is the origin of your idea?

Farid Lahlou : During the five years of our graduate studies, we did small jobs in the moving world and we had identified 3 main obstacles in this sector:
• prices that are too high: average basket €1,500
• a problem with transparency
• and the absence of tools on the web

What need do you fulfill? What is your goal?

Farid Lahlou: In France, only 20% of households move with a professional mover. This means that the vast majority of French people – the remaining 80% – do not find what they are looking for in traditional relocation services. These are our customers, those who have never dared to take the plunge, those who want to save time or money, or simply those who want to work with a mover who has 98% customer satisfaction.

What segmentation is envisaged for your offer?

Farid Lahlou: We have two types of customers, individuals and professionals.
For professionals, our offer is both a moving offer, but also a logistics offer. They like the quality of our customer service and our movers, but also our ability to adapt to all situations.

What are your goals?

Farid Lahlou: Our goal is simple: to become number 1 in private removals in France over the next 5 years.

Who are your competitors and what would you be better at?

Farid Lahlou: Our biggest competitor is DIY (“do it yourself”), a solution chosen by 80% of the French. They are the ones we seek to attract. As far as the direct competition is concerned, it is other moving companies, rental companies and unfortunately black work via the classified ads.

The “Bras en plus” business model deciphered by Evelyne Platnic Cohen, business manager (Booster Academy) and start-up mentor for WBMI and MoovJee

the key to success

Evelyne Platnic Cohen: Here is proof that a very traditional profession can become a source of innovation. Here, innovation is not at the heart of the business, but in the “front office” part, the interface between the customer and the company. The offer becomes more transparent, more understandable, sometimes uses discount codes, but without sacrificing quality. What I also perceive about this company is its marketing, which dusts off the deal and allows those who do not use any moving truck to ask themselves the question.

The potential

Evelyne Platnic Cohen: The potential in Extra Arms is enormous. It operates in two markets: B2C (“business to consumer”) and B2B (“business to business”). The customer relationship codes are not the same in the two markets: they must therefore recruit specific salespeople for each market.

Evelyne Platnic Cohen’s opinion
In the move, there is a real object of reflection on the trust we have in the service provider, because we often leave objects that we care about. Perhaps “Bras en plus” should think about guarantees, original assurances that would comfort the customer even more, to take market share from well-known service providers?

Geraldine Dauvergne

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