How much does it cost to rent a car?

It only takes a quick look at travel comparison sites like Liligo to realize that the price range for car hire is quite wide. Between call rates of €10 or €20 per day and offers from major rental agencies for €50, or even more than €100 per today, it is not always easy to recognize the good relationship between quality and price. There are reflexes to take in order to discover the real good deals (can be found elsewhere in this practical guide), but also to anticipate any additional costs. Are you afraid of being cheated or “caught”? Don’t panic, just take your time to figure it out. Start by reading this article. 😉

1. Find a good starting price

What is a good starting price for a car rental? There is not just one answer to this question! Several rental companies offer their services at different prices and conditions. As in the airline sector, there are low-cost carriers, more traditional carriers with a high level of service, and carriers that fall somewhere in between. So there is no fair price that fits all. What you have to remember is that the price rental you choose corresponds to a certain level of service from the rental company. It’s up to you to consciously decide what budget to allocate to your rental, depending on what you’re looking for.

For small budgets

Are you looking for the cheapest rental on the market, even if it means a few concessions? In this case, the low cost may suit you. Remember that many services, extras and insurances are not included in the call price.

Our advice : Take some time to inform yourself and understand all the rental conditions.

You can e.g. find one rental car in Lyon between €9 and €30 with Ada or Getaround. It is an excellent choice for traveling short distances. In fact, mileage is limited for these offers.

To take advantage of better rental conditions

Do you want to rent a car with peace of mind, knowing that many services are included to make your life easier? Our advice: book with a large rental agency.

You can e.g. find one rental car in Bordeaux for around €100 with Avis, Enterprise or Hertz. This rental includes unlimited mileage, free cancellation and full/full fuel policy.

2. Understand what can cause actual rental costs to vary

When you have found an offer whose starting price seems reasonable to you, you need to keep in mind the various factors that can increase the starting price. This is valid regardless of the type of car rental you choose. Here are the most important points to know.

Additional insurance

As a minimum is public responsibility, coverage for personal injury and material damage to others is included in your rent. In the event of a responsible claim, however, the invoice will be salted. Rental companies generally offer you buy back part of the franchise. Whether you take on or limit the risk is up to you. Obviously, any additional guarantee has an impact on the total rental amount.

Regardless of your choice, you will find in the contract and the general rental terms and conditions the insurance included, taken out and offered in detail.

little tip : If you have one premium blue card, contact your bank before finalizing your reservation. You may be covered by car rental. Same thing if you own a vehicleask your insurance company if one extension of the insurance is possible.

The young driver allowance

The number of years of driving license and the minimum age to rent a car varies from agency to agency and from country to country. Most often, this means that a supplement is used when you have under 25 or 26 years of age, and we must rent a car as a young driver. You can’t do anything about that, the statistics speak for you and the rental companies cover themselves by applying a more or less significant increase.

Some exceptions : with Ada it is possible to rent at no extra cost from the age of 18 and the 1st day of obtaining the permit. At Europcar, the developed policy is quite attractive in this area, even if it is more restrictive, specific or local.

Winter equipment that may be mandatory

Renting a car with snow tires or a removable anti-skid device is now legally required from 1 November to 31 March in 48 French departments. Before you go, check the road safety website or an official European Union website to find out if you are concerned.

This equipment is almost always extra in classic bureaus in France. On the other hand, it is free if you rent a car between private individuals via Getaround or OuiCar.

Extras and supplements, book consciously

First, start by identifying your needs. They are not the same if you go 200 km from home or if you plan to visit southern Italy for 15 days.

If you are looking for a baby seat, in advance, you have your reasons. 😉 But the guaranteed automatic gearbox, GPS or even air conditioning are not always necessary and do not seem like something to go upmarket and increase the bill. Any other scenario: Even if you are tempted, you really need e.g. to add a trailer to your rental car? That means it has the right hitch system and if you can find it (which in itself is already a challenge) it has a price.

Conversely, if the road is long, YES, it is a real plus to be able to change at the wheel. Add an additional driver to the contract is not a luxury. In France, most classic agencies charge you a daily supplement of between €10 and €20 per additional driver. The option is free on person-to-person rental platforms (Getaround, OuiCar, etc.).

car rental how much does it cost

3. Stay within your costs during the rental

Deliver the vehicle on time

Dropping off your rental car is an agreement on a given date and time, in the same place! If you arrive late, you risk being charged for an extra day.

Respect the fuel policy

Before you leave, make sure you understand what fuel level the vehicle must be returned with. Most rentals today operate on a full/full policy. But there are still exceptions to this rule. So remember to go to the gas pump before returning the vehicle. In case of default, it is a surprise on the invoice that awaits you.

Monitor the counter if necessary

Think about the distance you want to travel and choose the formula that suits you best in between limited mileage (cheaper but restrictive, by definition) or unlimited (more expensive, but not necessarily necessary). Regardless of whether it is with a classic rental company or via a rental platform between private individuals, exceeding kilometers can quickly become expensive.

how much does it cost to rent a car

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