when to discover Immortal Empires?

Bringing together the content of three Total War Warhammer games, Immortal Empires aims to offer a large-scale gaming experience. The good news is that we now know the date and time of the launch.

[Mis à jour le 22 août 2022 à 15h41] Although praised for its impeccable technical achievements and gameplay, Total War Warhammer 3 remains the essence of a hugely popular trilogy of games. Abandoned by players shortly after its release due to balancing issues and poor performance, the famous turn-based strategy game is likely to take off as soon as 23 August Next. It’s about the arrival of Immortal Empires, the game mode that brings together the content of the three Total War Warhammer games into a single titanic campaign experience. Add to that the arrival of the first DLC Champions of Chaos, and the game’s 2.0 update, and the worst student in the series could very well become one of the best strategy games of all time. We summarize everything for you.

Let’s not beat around the bush, Immortal Empires launches alongside the game’s 2.0 patch Tuesday, August 23 at 4 p.m. (French time). It will allow owners of Total War Warhammer 1, 2 and 3 to play the largest campaign experience ever, uniting the game’s 84 legendary lords in a race for glory across a map spanning 550 towns and cities.

After the many difficulties that Total War Warhammer 3 had, both in terms of the balance of its single player campaign and the lack of performance in the campaign map, it was high time for Creative Assembly to give it a fresh start. The key point of this renaissance is the release of Immortal Empires, which will allow owners of the three Total War Warhammer games to enjoy a huge campaign map that brings together all the factions of the trilogy. You can also discover the card accompanied by a blog post :

Immortal Empires map © CreativeAssembly

Of course, Immortal Empires will be released as a beta. A decision made by Creative Assembly in light of the difficulty of the task of integrating so much content into a single map of the game. Immortal Empires will gather several dozen, if not hundreds of factions, enough to create a lot of technical difficulties during the end of turn, just to talk about it. It also remains to be seen how certain factions will adapt to the game’s new landscape and whether it will really be possible to influence the power hierarchy between the various superpowers. Finally, Creative Assembly will have to do something to prevent a full campaign from lasting more than 500 turns. It is about these topics that Richard Aldridge and Michel Heastie spoke in a session of frequently asked questions with fans of the game. You can learn a lot of information about the changes that Immortal Empires brings to the old and new factions. , but also other more technical and careful aspects that you can discover in the video below:

This is the big news at the beginning of June for fans of Total War Warhammer. Immortal Empires lands on the third quarter 2022, so very soon, in Total War Warhammer 3. A release of enormous importance, as it will bring together the content of the three episodes of the trilogy in a single game, kingdoms of chaos, and hello the conquest of an entire planet at the head of Karl Franz Empire. Warhammer 3 goes into fourth gear in a few weeks and we hope that the performance of the title follows. Because adapting three games into one can be complex, and Total War Warhammer 3 badly needs a boost of confidence and appeal compared to the older two. We are still waiting for the exact information about the starting positions of the fifty or so Legendary Lords in this game mode, which is only released in beta.

You are alone in your tent in the middle of the tundra, the icy wind makes the fabric walls flap while a small brazier gives you some warmth. Besides the noise of the wind and the crackle of the flames, you seem to hear a noise. A whisper, no, right? You are not alone in the steppes of Kislev, the four Gods of Chaos have set their eyes on you, patiently waiting for their corruption to torture your flesh and spirit… Either way, of course, the light tones are what Total War Warhammer 3 has going for it intending to take you with me. The third and final installment in Creative Assembly and Sega’s trilogy of strategy games delves a little deeper into Warhammer Fantasy’s prolific universe, focusing on its main antagonists. Good against evil, Chaos against Order, a scenario that takes us to the limits of reality and invites us to discover new lands, darker and more sinister. And what fun.

A delight for a Warhammer fan who can finally appreciate the physical and literary design and enrichment of the Chaos factions. These demonic entities that periodically ravage the medieval fantasy world of Warhammer, and which we were eager to discover in detail, after the fearful appearance of Archaeon and his accomplices in Total War Warhammer first by name. Because that’s where the strength of Total War Warhammer 3 lies: there are bad guys, very ugly and very very bad, and nice people, very beautiful and very very nice, fighting their way through devilishly well-written campaigns. and whose problems lead us to the body. Because the Creative Assembly has pushed the top of the narrative a little further, multiplied the cutscenes, the dialogues, the scripted battles, so that we feel a little less alone on this amazing board game that is Total War. Hats off to that side.

In terms of gameplay, the recipe has been mastered and perfected by the British studio. We find the same mechanics as in the previous games, of course with new factions. On the campaign map we can observe a more complete diplomacy that offers us new ways to interact with our allies and enemies and allows us to FINALLY understand the cost of certain treaties (the alliance is actually very expensive). In terms of combat, the overhaul of the siege combat system offers us immersive combat where the AI ​​does quite well. Both the player and the AI ​​have the ability to build palisades and turrets, adding more dynamism to previously rather laughably bad violence attacks. The maps are different from each other, the settings immersive, the combat animations realistic… In short, the world of Warhammer Fantasy is more alive than ever. What makes us wait impatiently for the integration of the content of the first two Total War Warhammer in this third episode.

Now let’s talk about its flaws, because there is a big one. Its optimization is absolutely disastrous. A relatively common fact for a new Total War Warhammer game, which was expected given the performance observed in promotional gameplay sequences, but still weighs down its gameplay to the point of being almost uncomfortable. The dunce of the game, the campaign map that devours FPS like a Squig devours its meals. Impossible to exceed 30 FPS in some places (Kislev), while the performance in combat remains mediocre, everything in medium on a high-end PC and in 1440p. Issues that the gaming community is already raising that are hampering the Steam ratings of a game that should be winning all the awards. I insist that the optimization of the game is disastrous and Creative Assembly must work on the subject, because it is unacceptable that only the highest configurations can hang the 60 frames per second, especially in times of lack of games. We will keep a close eye on the next updates because it would be a shame for a game of this quality to be so penalized by technical aspects.

As the typical sayings of the Warhammer world go: blood for the blood god, skulls for the throne of skulls. To describe the Warhammer Fantasy universe would take hours, but to make it shorter we could talk about a heroic-fantasy version of our medieval empires, with a little Lord of the Rings side on steroids. Everything is bigger, stronger, nicer, meaner in short, Warhammer Fantasy is a world where the life expectancy of ordinary mortals probably does not exceed 30 years. It is for the same reasons that this universe fascinates, and this since 1983.

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