Nokia 3310, Blackberry Bold, Motorola Razr… These 10 vintage phones marked their era

Exactly 38 years ago, in March 1983, the very first mobile phone in the world was marketed: the DynaTac 8000 from Motorola. And it had nothing to do with smartphones from 2021: it weighed almost 1 kilogram (783 grams to be exact), was 25 centimeters tall (not including its antenna of almost 15 centimeters!) and only allowed you to make a phone call. Despite its limited features, the DynaTac 8000 sold for more than today’s high-end iPhones: it cost $3,995 to get your hands on (or nearly 27,000 French francs at the time—the euro didn’t exist yet).

In all these years, the mobile market has exploded and we now talk about “smartphones” rather than “mobile phones”, since the latter serves us more to go on the Internet, on social networks, play games and take pictures than to make phone calls. The fashion today is for increasingly large touch screens and almost non-existent control buttons. But there was a time when loudly tapping the keys on your Blackberry or hanging up by closing the flip of a Motorola Razr V3 with a flick of the wrist was the height of cool.

A little trip back in time with 10 iconic mobile phones from the 2000s that will make you nostalgic.

10. Nokia 6110

Raimond Speking / Wikimedia Commons

When it was released in 1998, Nokia’s new mobile phone still had a retractable antenna and a black and white screen, like all mobile devices of the time. But the 6110 was smaller and more powerful than its competitors, and above all it featured the famous “Snake” game, a first for a Nokia. It is one of the first mobile phones to be sold on a large scale.

9. Nokia 3310

Kevin Steinhardt/Flickr

Released in October 2000, the 3310 has become one of the best-selling phones in the world thanks to its reputation for withstanding all manner of drops and shocks. The Nokia 3310 was handy for texting and was also popular for playing Snake.

In 2017, Nokia released a re-released version, but the new, much thinner and lighter design bore little resemblance to the old collector’s phone, sometimes called the “brick”.

8. Samsung SGH T100


When it was released in 2002, the SGH T100 proved to be a futuristic jewel thanks to its “large” color screen (by the standards of the time). It marks the beginning of the fashion for flip phones and will mark an entire generation.

In 2021, Samsung will also pay tribute to the SGH T100 and SGH-E700 by releasing new noise-cancelling wireless headphones whose case will mimic the rounded phones of old. These vintage cases will only be sold in South Korea.

7. Motorola Razr V3

Alp Duran/Unsplash

“Mythical”, “essential”, “legendary”… Motorola Razr V3 will have marked its era and left its mark. Having a Razr in middle school or high school immediately increased your popularity on the playground. The most famous clamshell mobile phone was marketed from 2004 and Motorola has sold no less than 130 million copies.

To ride the wave of nostalgia for this trendy product from the early 2000s, Motorola launched a next-generation Razr in 2020 with a single foldable screen. But many users have reported the screen peeling off, proof that sometimes it’s better to stick with the original.

6. Sony Ericsson W800


Sony Ericsson’s W800 was launched in 2005 and is the first mobile phone to use the Walkmann brand. Besides presenting itself as a phone that doubled as an mp3, it had – for the time – an advanced camera, with a 2 megapixel lens equipped with flash, autofocus and a video function.

5. Nokia 5200


Today, its red and white plastic design (or blue and white if you prefer) and its sliding opening make the Nokia 5200 look like a child’s toy, but in 2006 many French people adopted it.

It wasn’t the most premium phone at the time, but it still had Bluetooth and infrared, FM radio, mp3 player, and camera and video. Phone operators, especially Orange, have sold it a lot with their packages.

4.LG Shine


Almost fifteen years ago, the LG Shine served as both a mobile phone and a pocket mirror with its shiny coating. In 2007, it was a popular fashion accessory, just like the LG Chocolate before it.

We especially liked it for its metal navigation wheel, which we could also click on – which, by the way, wasn’t very practical, but went well with the aesthetics of the LG Shine.

3. iPhone 2G

Wikimedia Commons

The very first iPhone, called iPhone 2G (we were still far from the 5G connection) or iPhone EDGE, was released in 2007. It was the first phone marketed by Apple, but the reputation of the Apple brand was already well established. , especially thanks to the success of its iPod.

In January 2007, Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone to the world as “an iPod, a phone and an Internet browser” in a single device and announced that “Apple will reinvent the phone”. The rest is history.

2. Blackberry Ball

Enrique Dans/Flickr

The first BlackBerry – the 850 – was released in 1999, and it already had what made the brand so successful: a full QWERTY or QWERTY keyboard rather than a telephone keypad where you had to press the “2” key three times ” for writing the letter C (writing an SMS took much longer than today).

Before Apple and Samsung dominated the mobile phone market, Blackberries were the fashionable high-tech mobile phones, especially in the workplace. The Blackberry Bold, released in 2008, is undoubtedly the most famous model.

1. LG KS360


A fully extendable and sliding keyboard, anything but discreet colors (also available in metallic sky blue, red and silver, in addition to pink), the LG KS360 was the symbol of a happier era. Its screen automatically rotated depending on whether you used it horizontally with the keyboard, or vertically, while its large size made it possible to watch YouTube videos with others.

The LG KS360 was released in 2008 in the heyday of the touchscreen/sliding keyboard combination, which will disappear with the advent of large-screen smartphones.

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