Cécile Auréjac, a ceramist, sculptor and model maker to discover in the arts and crafts area of ​​La Chaise-Dieu

Ceramicist, sculptor and model for twelve years, Cécile Auréjac exhibited some of her works at La Chaise-Dieu for a weekend. She is one of the co-organizers of the event and a member of the Casa d’art collective.

Handmade carvings

“With ceramics you don’t get bored, you can vary the techniques,” says the 46-year-old potter, whose workshop shop is located in Vals-le-Chastel in Brivadois. His sculptures are made by hand on a clay base.

Cécile Auréjac first studied art history, then worked for a few years as a museographer before turning to craft: “I needed to disconnect my brain and work with my hands”. In 2010, she decided to take the leap and made ceramics her profession.

The one who spent a year in Latin America finally put down his bags in Vals-le-chastel after meeting his mate there. A sector she knows since her maternal roots are rooted in Langeac.

I wanted to be able to work from home and take care of my daughter. Haute-Loire was for me the ideal place to settle down.

“I read a lot, I get my inspiration from all over the world,” says the forties. But one culture fascinates her in particular, that of the Inuit, for their relationship with art. “We are in a society that has lost its relationship with nature and its respect for animals. I am trying to restore the sacred to the animal,” says the artist.

A market that is especially alive in the summer

She clarifies that the ceramics market exists above all and almost exclusively in the summer in the Haute-Loire.

In the winter we manufacture, and in the summer we sell in the markets, in transient shops and workshops.

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Cécile Auréjac sells her works in many markets throughout France, in the south and in the Paris region in particular. In September, she is invited to participate in the Les Tupiniers market in Lyon. “It’s the biggest market in France for ceramists and ceramists,” she enthuses.

A graceful return to normal for La Chaise-Dieu Music Festival

Some of his works are on display at the Arts and Crafts Room, at the place de l’Écho in La Chaise-Dieu until August 28 and at the ephemeral shop Escandilla in Brioude.

As for those who want to discover his workshop in Vals-le-Chastel, they can also buy a ceramic or participate in an internship. But be careful “you have to call me first,” she says.

Contact. A la Belle Étoile workshop, in Vals-le-Chastel. Such. Mail: cecile@wbrecup.com/Website: www.galerie-belle-etoile.com.

Benjamin Lobier Milliat

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