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If you are reading these few lines, it means that a stock of PS5 has just arrived at a merchant in France. Want it? So don’t waste time and quickly click on the orange link below! And if it has escaped you after all, we give you all our tips and tricks below so as not to miss the Microsoft console again!

Stock for the Xbox series? You read that right!

PS5, Xbox Series X… it’s the same game! The two consoles are badly affected by the shortage of semiconductors, which makes it difficult for manufacturers to offer us correct stocks.

Updated on 22/08/2022 at 11 a.m. : Xbox Series X is available on Cdiscount.

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So inevitably, when one of the two makes a comeback, players literally jump on it. And we’re the first to admit that the Xbox Series X is well worth it, and that it’s currently the most powerful home console out there, you have to admit.

Unless you’re in bad faith, you clearly can’t turn a blind eye to the monstrous strike force that a company as powerful as Microsoft can wield. Of course, the power of the parent company is not the only asset of the Xbox Series X. At Xbox, it is a whole philosophy, a whole vision of video games, that is the strength of the brand.

We may find it ridiculous, many of you will agree with us, but there is a rivalry between the owners of the PS5 and the owners of the Xbox series. We call it the “console war” and let’s face it, we could do without it.

With its “Xbox Game Pass” subscription, a real “Netflix” of video games, Microsoft wants you to play everywhere, as many titles as possible and cheaply. It is in this direction that the controllers for the console go, and also become THE great reference for controllers to play on PC.

With the health crisis that we are beginning to end and the geopolitical instability that we all know, this shortage of electronic components is really bad. If you’re looking for a graphics card to fit your PC or even a brand new car, you know better than anyone. And again, we’re not talking about energy issues, rising freight rates, etc. Today, mass-producing state-of-the-art gear is particularly complex.

Next-generation consoles like the Xbox Series X are one of them, and that’s why it’s currently quite difficult to get one. But by implementing a well-rehearsed action plan, there’s no reason why you won’t have yours in less than a month.

Our solutions to find an Xbox Series X as quickly as possible

If you didn’t manage to get your Xbox Series X this time, don’t panic. With a little method and motivation, you can hope to get one during the next stock releases. Above all, don’t lose patience!

It must be said that the two consoles have been hugely successful since their release and only a lucky few had managed to get them. A success paid at a high price, as the two consoles have been constantly sold out for almost a year and a half.

To make your work easier and avoid unnecessary waste of time, you can already go to the websites of the major French merchants and create customer accounts.

If you are still wondering why you need to create customer accounts anywhere, know that the reason is very simple: Once your delivery address and payment method are already entered, there will be almost no more steps to complete before completing your order. This is where you will make the difference among the others, as you will save significant time getting a little closer to your console.

On Amazon, for example, you can take advantage of the one-click order and thus receive the Xbox Series X without really making an effort.

Otherwise, you can also use the alerts on our page, or keep the tabs open to see the mention “in stock” displayed in real time. We recommend these:

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  • Check out Xbox Series X stock at Fnac
  • Check out Xbox Series X stock at Cdiscount
  • Check out Xbox Series X stock at Micromania
  • Check out Xbox Series X stock at Leclerc

Everything you need to know about the Xbox Series X: the console more powerful than the PS5

Finally, it is important that we tell you a little more about the details of the Xbox Series X. The goal is not to fan the flames of the rivalry with Sony, but to keep in mind the fundamental differences between both machines. This may allow some undecided people to better guide themselves.

In addition to the clean design, the covers for the Xbox series and PS5 contain many things. Microsoft has equipped its console with the “Velocity” architecture. Specifically, it is a means of making the SSD communicate extremely efficiently with the processor and RAM of the Xbox Series X. Thanks to all this, the Xbox Series X displays the most computing power in the history of home consoles, enough to make good old PC gamer green .

In any case, Xbox Series X has something to send heavy! This is what you can find in this beautiful console.

  • Velocity architecture that binds SSD to RAM
  • 12 teraflops
  • 3.8 Ghz 8-core processor
  • 16 GB GDDR6 RAM
  • Gen 4 PCIe SSD

Since you’ll be saving quite a few games, be aware that storage is provided by a super-fast SSD, which will help reduce any load times you’ll encounter. If you need more space than the few hundred gigabytes found in the original console, the simplest solution is to buy the storage expansion. official, honestly easy to connect behind the console. It is a 1 TB SSD produced by SanDisk, in close collaboration with Microsoft.

The 1TB Xbox Series X expansion card for €219 at Amazon

In addition to the components of this war machine, having an Xbox Series X is pretty awesome for the games available… via Xbox Game Pass.

With GamePass, Microsoft goes much further than the simple suggestion of a more powerful machine.

The American company is revolutionizing the market for video games and software. After the acquisition of many game development studios, GamePass has become an important service.

Slightly modeled on the economic model of Netflix, GamePass allows you to download tons of games, including the latest titles from Microsoft), for a monthly subscription, which at a very reasonable price given the service offered.

Xbox Series X is a powerful machine, of course, but also designed for GamePass: its interface is specifically designed to integrate the service at the heart of the user experience.

Buy a 1-month subscription to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate on Amazon

What is the best Xbox Series controller?

Choices are pretty limited on Microsoft’s latest platform, especially if you’re looking for a wireless model. In the end we keep 3 models: the official controller that comes with the console and can be bought individually, the Xbox Elite Series 2 controller that was released at the end of the previous generation and that adds a battery, adjustable sticks and extra paddles, and the Thrustmaster eSwap X Pro Controller, completely modular and eSports oriented.

What is the best Xbox One controller?

All Xbox Series controllers are compatible with Xbox One and vice versa. The choice is therefore the same as for the latest Microsoft platform. The official wireless controller meets most expectations, the Elite Series 2 model will satisfy the most demanding, and the Thrustmaster eSwap X Pro controller remains the model of choice for those looking for performance.

What are the best Xbox Series X steering wheels

The best Xbox steering wheels are above all the direct drive models from Fanatec, which offer competitive engines and a professional ecosystem. Beware of the very high prices of the DD1 and DD2, as well as the prices of the necessary accessories (wheels to make the wheel compatible with the Xbox, pedals, etc.). Otherwise, with a more measured price, the CSL DD from fanatec is an excellent alternative, as is the TS-XW from Thrustmaster with its cheaper ecosystem.

Are Xbox Series racing wheels Xbox One compatible?

Yes, and vice versa. The Xbox One wheels are Xbox Series compatible and the Xbox Series wheels are Xbox One compatible. We might even add that any Xbox One or Series compatible racing wheels are also Windows PC compatible until proven otherwise. Enough to make your equipment profitable by multiplying the platforms.

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