Nantes vineyard. A new escape game opens near Clisson

Jérard Devarulrajah and Antoine Le Roux, the two founders of the escape game, which opens its doors on August 26 near Clisson (Vignoble de Nantes). ©HSM

Final adjustments, final installations. Before opening. This Friday, August 26, 2022, a new escape game will open the doors to Saint-Hilaire-de-Clisson (near Nantes)in the artisanal area of ​​La Garnerie.

It is in one former industrial plot of 450 m2 that the activity starts. The warehouse no longer has anything to do with the previous economic activity.

The new leisure area has been divided into different rooms; a bar reception area and rooms.

The interior design was done by Antoine Le Roux and Jérard Devarulrajah. The two friends, young in their 30s, are the founders of the escape game.

Trained engineers

The launch of the company marks a new professional milestone. The two creators are training of engineers.

Antoine Le Roux is a mechatronics engineer and has worked in industry. There he designed special machines, especially for transporting pallets.

At 30, Clissonnais wants something different. More in line with his values. He leaves the company, does a competency assessment. Think for a while about opening a craft brewery. Then goes to the creation of an escape game with Jérard, engineer and web developer.

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Escape game Brain Clisson
Before playing, a briefing, just to immerse the participants in an immersive atmosphere. ©HSM

“A playful universe of immersion and reflection, where you are somewhere else and which catches the eye”

The two friends met in high school in Saint-Brieuc. They share the same passion for “games and escape games. A playful universe of immersion and reflection, where you are somewhere else and that hangs”, they present.

Market research, agreements with banks, business plan, management training…, the two creators get down to business company creation” another world “.

Quickly, Antoine Le Roux and Jérard Devarulrajah turn to Brain, a company based in Rennes, a pioneer in the escape game.

While the two high school friends can lend their skills to the project, completing a puzzle-based scenario is a different story.

A partnership is created in the form of an operating permit. The 8the under the brand name Brain. “Brain follows us and advises and offers us scenarios. It is reassuring,” explains Antoine Le Roux.

It remains to find a place. This is shown by market research the southern Loire has potentialcompared to Nantes and its outskirts, a sector “where it is very complicated to find a place”.

Four future rooms

In the Nantes winery, a single escape game, specializing in horror, is located at Montbert. The two creators finally found the premises with parking in Saint-Hilaire-de-Clisson.

Since mid-March, they have transformed the place into an immersive space. €140,000 has been invested in carrying out the work and bringing the site into compliance. “In order to limit costs, we did many things ourselves. We have recovered furniture from recycling stations, from the workshop, etc.,” says Jérard.

In the end, the escape game will count four gaming rooms. The first opens on August 26. “The second at All Saints. The third at the beginning of 2023. And the fourth room in 2024”, state the two creators, who also plan to create an escape-box, a mini-scenario box, for rent.

Time travel

The universe of the new escape game takes visitors on a journey through time. For each space, its period, its universe. The first is about the 1980s.

It is based on the concept of role playing. The players have an appointment in a bar. They will be hired by a temporary agency to fix the problems in the space-time continuum.

The participants will have to use mechanisms and solve puzzles in an hour of time. For the rest, excitement.

Note that the new escape game is equipped with a licensed bar. The two leaders plan to organize themed evenings; board games, role playing games…

Escape game Brain Clisson, Garnerie craft zone, 2 rue des Clairières in Saint-Hilaire-de-Clisson. 25 euros per person on average. From 2 to 6 players. Facebook page: Brain the Clisson escape game. Reservations on the website: The Escape game will open on August 26 with a beta test period of one or two weeks (break-in period) where the games will be at a reduced rate.

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