iPhone 14, Watch Series 8…

Apple will present the iPhone 14 and other new products such as the Watch Series 8 during its traditional back-to-school keynote. A much-anticipated conference, which could be held earlier than usual this year, on Wednesday 7 September.

Hold on, the start of the 2022 school year promises to be very close to the Apple side! As every year, the ball will be opened at the beginning of September with the presentation keynote of the iPhone 14. Although we rather expect transitional models, the different versions of the new flagship smartphone from the company at Apple should still reserve some surprises, especially around the photo sensors of the Pro versions , the replacement of the famous notch at the top of the screen, and also the size selection, since many are betting on the sheer disappearance of the mini, the smallest of the family.

That said, Apple’s most important conference of the year shouldn’t just be about the iPhone. A new series of Apple Watch-connected watches was also to be unveiled, and notably for the first time an Apple Watch Pro, which, as the name suggests, should reach new heights in terms of price. But maybe with assets to make you want to break the piggy bank.

What is the date of the Apple 2022 back-to-school keynote?

For more than fifteen years, Apple has made a habit of launching the techno back-to-school season with a Special event the beginning of September. This conference is an opportunity for Apple to present its most important news and of course its new iPhone models, which have become the absolute most important product of the entire range.

Mark Gurman, the famous Bloomberg journalist among the best informed about Apple, assures in an article that this keynote will take place on September 7, triggering a wave of surprised reactions. Primarily because it’s a Wednesday, while Apple has tended to favor Tuesday in recent years. That said, if we go back a little further in the history of Apple’s announcements, we see that Wednesdays are not that rare (2016, 2015, 2012, etc.). The other surprise comes from the fact that it would be a little earlier than expected, because since 2017 Apple seemed to prefer the second week of September.

To justify this date, Mark Gurman reminds that Monday, September 5 is a holiday in the United States, Working day, also called Labor Day, and creates a three-day weekend. And although the keynote will take the form of a pre-recorded video broadcast around the world that we have been used to since the start of the pandemic, it is more than likely that Apple will also invite a large handful of journalists. came on site at Apple Park. Like the organization that had been chosen for the WWDC launch, the developer conference in June 2022. Therefore, guests should have time to return from the weekend to prepare their trip to the company’s headquarters in California.

A final justification put forward by the Bloomberg journalist is related to accounting: by speeding up the announcements and availability of the iPhone 14 by a week, this makes it possible to enter an additional week of sales in the quarter’s accounting, which is then presented to investors and the financial press . And when you know the number of millions of iPhones sold every week, you understand that this represents a more than handsome sum!

As has been the case for several years, Apple’s keynote will be available to everyone – and not reserved for a privileged few. The conference will be broadcast live via video streaming on the Internet – and then available for playback – both on the official website and on the brand’s YouTube channel. It is not necessary to have an official invitation or a confidential code to watch it: all you have to do is use a simple web browser, the YouTube application or even a connected TV to follow it live or delayed. Even better, if the presentation will of course take place in English, as always, the video will be fully subtitled in French, allowing non-English speakers not to miss any details of the announcements. And as usual, when the conference is fully recorded, you can expect a show that is carefully produced, worthy of Hollywood studios and precisely sequenced, which will feature Tim Cook – Apple’s CEO – and his teams. We will add direct links to the videos here as they become available.

Tim Cook at the 2020 keynote © Apple

Which iPhone 14 models will be announced at the September 2022 Apple Keynote?

During this back-to-school 2022 keynote, the iPhone 14 will of course be the star. They were to come in four versions, just like the two previous years with the iPhone 12 and 13, but with one size difference: the mini version was to disappear to make way for a large-screen model. In other words, the area should look like this:

  • iPhone 14 with a 6.1 inch diagonal screen
  • iPhone 14 Max with a 6.7 inch diagonal screen
  • iPhone 14 Pro with a 6.1-inch diagonal screen
  • iPhone 14 Pro Max with a 6.7″ diagonal screen

It would therefore be the end of the mini with its “only” 5.4-inch diagonal screen, which would not have been sufficiently successful and would not have resisted the consumer appetite for ever larger screens. . Some will regret it because 5.4 inches is not that small after all: the first iPhone in 2007 offered a 3.5 inch diagonal screen…

According to current rumors, the iPhone will therefore be officially presented on September 7, 2022, pre-orders will be open from September 7 and the products should be available everywhere from September 16, a week after the announcement. To be confirmed of course. To find out everything we expect from the iPhone 14 (models, features, price…), check out our special article.

Which Apple Watches will be announced during the September 2022 keynote?

While the new iPhone 14s will certainly take up most of the keynote time, Apple is also expected to announce the new Apple Watch series. We expect an update of the entry-level SE version with the integration of a more powerful processor. Of course, the current Apple Watch Series 7 should be replaced by the Apple Watch Series 8, which has a similar design and should include a new body temperature sensor. It would not be able to give you your temperature to the nearest tenth of a degree, but only to indicate a change in the overall trend of your body temperature to e.g. to detect signs of fever.

But the big news would be the appearance of an Apple Watch Pro. This would benefit from a new design, a slightly larger screen than the largest of the current Apple Watches and would only be available in a titanium case. In other words, no Apple Watch Pro in aluminum or even steel. The sensors would be the same as those of the Apple Watch Series 8, but its larger size would allow it to carry a slightly larger battery to improve its autonomy, perhaps for example to last without problems during a whole marathon! In addition, the materials used, and in particular a new protective sapphire crystal, could make it even more resistant to shocks and therefore suitable for extreme sports. All the while they probably reached peaks in terms of price!

© Apple

What release date for iOS 16 and watchOS 9?

The new iPhone 14s and the new Apple Watches naturally come with the very latest system versions. If the new Apple Watches are announced during the September 2022 keynote, they will likely be available for pre-order by at least September 16. It can therefore be expected that iOS 16 and watchOS 9 will be available for download for all compatible devices on the same date. To discover the main new features expected in iOS 16 and iPadOS 16, see our article.

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