These organizations help you build your business plan

The development of the business plan is an essential step in the creation of a business. This document is your project’s “identity card” with potential funders. It forces you to study in detail the viability of your idea. How to prepare a solid business plan? Here are the good reflexes and the relays that you can encourage.

The unavoidable

APCE (Agency for business creation): a gold mine to start your business plan. Handy sheets, guides, sample build files, a support network folder.

Oséo: public innovation support institution. In particular, this organization can facilitate access to bank loans by sharing the financing risk with the banks (from 40 to 70%). Specifically, in case of failure in the business creation, Oséo supports part of the repayment of the bank loan.

France’s initiative: network of 246 funding and support associations. Company managers and volunteer accountants advise project managers. They also offer free honorarium loans.

Réseau Entreprendre: network of 52 associations of business leaders. The selected projects benefit from personal support, funding via an honorary loan and participate in monthly meetings of maker clubs.

EGEE (Entente des Générations pour l’Emploi et l’Entreprise): network of volunteers who advise project managers especially on the choice of legal structure, administrative procedures, financial arrangements, action plan etc.

Nurseries, incubators and incubators

Association of business incubators: The incubators intervene before the establishment of the company, that is, before the registration in the trade or commercial register. They help project managers to conduct a full-scale test by providing financial accommodation to the budding activity.

Retis: national network of incubators. Like incubators, the incubator accompanies project managers. It has a more technological appeal and allows entrepreneurs to test a product and then put it on the market. It offers support in the form of training, advice and funding, and offers housing for them until they find their place in one business incubator or industrial premises.

Elan: national network of business incubators. The incubators intervene after the establishment of the company. Most often, they offer start-ups offices, storage facilities, meeting rooms and a common reception service at favorable prices. They also offer support services (consulting, training, integration into economic networks, etc.).

Young designer competitions

Desire to act – “Youth challenge”: desire to act provides educational, technical and financial support, from the emergence to the actual realization of projects. In 2009, almost 2,000 projects were supported.

Idnergie: the selected projects benefit from 21 days of work sessions to build their business plan and contact investors.

Plug & Start Campus: intensive 3-day seminar to go from the stage as a creative student to an entrepreneur.

Let’s innovate together: Conditions for participation: Be a student and form a team whose members come from radically different backgrounds (for example: a salesperson, an engineer and a graphic designer).

The list of all 2010 competitions on the APCE website

The list of competitions and funds aimed at initiators of innovative initiatives and students in secondary and higher education on the APCE website

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