at the Ferrari meeting, a few steps into the parallel world of the brand’s maniacs

“We collected up to 11,000 euros (1) during a previous edition”, explains Jean-Louis Egaña, president of the Ferrari Commission of the Philanthropic Club. This time the local Lions collected 25 cars. “Their owners come from all over the south. We offer them a turnkey stay, they pay for everything. Their presence is voluntary. »

Count 300,000 euros

It is Ferrari, depending on your level, that tells you which model you can buy

Yellow, black, red of course: The machines hum and signal the exception in a circuit noise. “People do a circuit in a dozen minutes along the Adour. For 25 euros they are wedged in leather. The thing with the passenger seat, let’s be right… Jean-Louis Egaña talks about “drivers” about Ferrari owners. It’s not a error: “Look at this one, it’s the SF 90 Stradale: 1,000 horsepower! It’s the most powerful on the market. It has the special feature of being a hybrid.”

Its “pilot” is called Stéphane. The good man does not object to Rosière’s modesty of the fortune that is hidden: when you ask him a question, he answers. The price of his car? “700,000 euros. It’s a semi-limited model. On average, a Ferrari costs between 300,000 and 400,000 euros. »

The entrepreneur from the Toulouse region opens a window to a world at the door, to which it is better to leave your prejudices. He teaches the layman that not everyone can access the model he presents. And it’s not just a matter of money: “Ferrari classifies its customers into 5 levels. Ferrari tells you, depending on your level, which model you can buy. A bit like the days of martial arts.

Very closed club

Nothing prevents you from reselling, but you will only do it once. Even if you are a billionaire, you will be blacklisted. There’s the line behind you.

The luxury brand holds its own. “If you want to buy your first Ferrari, it will be among such and such models. Point. You enter the club, but level one. The more you climb up the ladder of the brand, the more the range of open models expands. “When you buy a Ferrari, as soon as you put it in the garage, it is already worth 400 or 500,000 euros more. Ferrari does not want us to speculate with its models. They want to be in control. We are moving forward in terms of the number of gray card. You must have Ferraris to drive. Nothing prevents you from reselling, but you will only do it once. Even if you are a billionaire, you will be blacklisted. There is the line behind you. »

And it is long. For some models, “it’s a minimum two-year waiting period from the order”. Stéphane is the 4th dan in Ferrari, he can talk about it. “I have four today and I have four more on order. I don’t know when I can get them. And first of all, he doesn’t even know what it will look like: “It’s true! I ordered the first Ferrari 4×4 . I’ve never seen it. Nobody knows him, he hasn’t been exposed.”

I ordered the first Ferrari 4×4. I’ve never seen it. No one knows him, he has not been revealed.

1,500 km per year

Meetings like the one in Bayonne give “Ferrariists” the opportunity to drive. “They are the only ones”, to be honest. “Every fortnight we take part in this type of event. You know, the average for a Ferrari is 1,500 km a year. Rare are those who want to buy the bread aboard theirs. “Strictly with a Porsche”, concludes Stéphane. So the air carbonization experiments leave him confused, also a little bitter: “Given what we drive, we end up polluting less than other cars. And we pay 50,000 euros in CO2 tax when the gray card is issued! »

What is the use of owning such items for so little use? Stéphane claims to have “started from the very bottom” and does not consider the question prosaic: “But you can’t go to a restaurant and leave her alone. If someone scratches it for you… Or you have those who want to tear something of. You can’t always have someone to watch. In an arrangement like this, it’s done well, there’s no need to worry. What’s there to understand in the passions?

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