Andor moves through three different Star Wars scenarios

Andor, which is shown exclusively on Disney+, focuses on a tragic character with a painful past. A premise similar to the European Environment Agency’s recently completed and, in the opinion of many, disappointing project Obi-Wan Kenobi. This unintended similarity has many fans wondering if the two productions may fall into similar mistakes and inconsistencies.

After all, Ewan McGregor’s Obi-Wan and Diego Luna’s Cassian Andor, are heroes who have to go through relatively similar situations in a distant galaxy.

With the Empire in power, the scenario in which they operate is one of constant danger. It is also a struggle in moral and ethical situations with dark points. And both are looking for… save.

But if one Obi-Wan Kenobi was criticized for its rushed narrative mistakes and forced adherence to canon, Andor seems to go to the other extreme. With several chapters at his disposal and a plot that so far, has no connection with the Skywalkers the plot has a purpose. Telling how a man ended up embracing an ideal with such passion to die in the name of something much bigger than himself.

Differs from the stories of Star wars released so far, has a long way to go. Especially when Andor intends to explore a more grown-up and mature version of the universe.

A story that began with a death in Rogue One

Cassian Andor, the rebel who ended up manning the tragic Rogue One mission, is a rarity in Star wars. He is a character who has no connection with the great powers in place. He also has no connections to traditional figures.

He is actually part of a specific plot that will allow us to see, through his eyes, the development of the violent world around him. Without the symbolic weight of Obi-Wan Kenobi or Boba Fett, he is closer to the discreet Din Djarin played by Pedro Pascal. A man in search of intimate redemption who will cross a long road of obstacles in the search for identity.

Therefore, it is more likely that the plot of Andor goes through several different scenarios. Cassian’s past which has already been announced as having an important place his time in the Empire and the Rebellion until his target search. Andor is much more than a generic exploration of a larger story.

This time, for the first time, it is a journey through the psychology of the rebellion and its members. What made men and women, across a galaxy far, far away, take up arms against a tyrannical center of power?

And or a new formula for a risky experience

This point is of great importance for production. In an interview with Vanity Fair since show runner Tony Gilroy has made it clear the focal point of the plot is Cassian’s idealistic motivation. “The story will explore the character in depth, revealing what drew him to the galactic rebellion and how he evolved from a selfish nihilist to a selfless martyr.”

It may seem like this description fits many of the most important people in human history. Star wars. After all, Han Solo has gone from self-absorbed pilot to leader of the rebellion. But in reality, what does the plot of Andor is it at first glance, his character is an accidental hero. One who learned through experience and pain why it was imperative to resist the brute force of the Empire.

Only rarely are there peripheral flashes of Star wars. In a mythology populated by heroes of legendary stature, the journey of characters like those in the show The bad lot and now Andor are rare. Hence their considerable importance. Beyond that, it’s about the maturity of a small story in an almost intimate setting. Actually, Andor will take his storytelling to the next level in terms of form and pace. One of the positive points in the upcoming series.

Andor’s three scenarios

Andor will try to cover several points at once Star wars. The series will therefore settle in new spaces, which we hope will make it possible to carry out a complete series. But the highlight will be Cassian’s transformation into a hero that touched fans at the time Rogue one. An element that Diego Luna especially takes into account when it comes to digging into his character.

“I think science fiction and stories that take place in a galaxy far, far away are a great tool to comment on our world. About your life and my life and the way we interact,” the actor told AFP . Vanity Fair. “We need to explore how revolutionary we can be to change things, to stop war, to make this world a livable place Andor talk about it. I think it can inspire many people, especially what you can do for yourself.

Furthermore, the production will also show all the tentacles of the Empire in its first year of total dominance. Something he recently detailed Obi-Wan Kenobi but that the new series reflects on its immediate dangers. On Andor rebelling against power is not so much an ethical decision as a means of survival.

“The adoptive home [de Cassian] will be the basis of our entire first season and we will see how it becomes more radical,” Tony Gilroy shared Vanity Fair “The Empire is expanding. They’re eliminating anyone who stands in their way. They’re taking control of corporate planets. It’s strengthening its supply chains. What the Empire doesn’t destroy, it devours. It’s about all the ways oppression can tear a culture apart each other and destroy it,” explains the series director.

Empire Horror everywhere

The vision of an empire encompassing all walks of life has always been a matter of context within the framework of the European Union Star wars. But this time it will be central to the premise of Andor. Finally, the series will explore the rebellion not just as a force of shock or resistance, but as a set of humanist ideals.

For Luna, Cassian is the symbol of all characters fighting for the greater good but also to save his life as best he can. “It’s a migrant’s journey, which for me is everything I come from,” said the Mexican. “This feeling of having to move between the dangers is very strong. Not being able to belong and how that shapes you as a person, how that defines you in many ways and what you’re ready to do,” he added.

Struggle is more important than fear

Eventually, Andor is a look at the essential points that connect the various pockets of rebellion against the empire to a single end. An interesting nuance in the story of Star wars. Primarily one that gives the series an element of interest in its narrative depth.

“Rebellion”? “Good versus evil”? At the start of it all, none of it matters to him. [a Cassian] says Gilroy. “He has a lot of anger about his childhood and the empire, he just doesn’t believe in anything. But for show runner, the power of the argument lies in the transformation. “Ultimately, Cassian will become the most passionate person who will give to save the galaxy,” he explains.

“A transformation that underlies the meaning of rebellion. A precious reflection on the world of George Lucas and in particular on its most powerful and most human element. After all, it is the focal point of the entire saga as a whole.

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