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Much like what Microsoft offered with the Xbox One, and what is currently being done with most smartphones, it is not uncommon to see mid-generation machines come out to give a small technological boost to a console series. So it’s time we imagine what improvements and changes a new iteration of the Xbox series can bring.

What to expect from the next Xbox series?

Larger storage space

Initially, we would like to be able to utilize slightly more extensive storage space. If the SSD of the Xbox Series X benefits from a respectable size of 1 TB, by removing the space taken up by the OS, it is the size of the SSD of the Series S in particular that causes problems, with only 500 GB free space, including 136 GB dedicated to the operating system.

So obviously it’s quite possible to get a Seagate storage expansion card so you no longer have to ask questions, but it would still be preferable for the next Xbox series to house an SSD at least as efficient but with a storage space that when at at least one terabyte for a 100% dematerialized console and one and a half terabytes of data for a classic machine.

In fact, games these days tend to take up more and more of our storage space, such as Marvel’s Avengers and Call of Duty for example. In addition, Xbox Game Pass gives players unlimited access to a huge catalog of titles, and enjoying more than one at the same time can quickly lead to console storage limits.

A performance boost

In addition to storage space, players can also expect a significant performance boost. Although the current capabilities of the Xbox series are quite adequate, it is inconceivable to think that a new machine could be brought to market without increasing performance.

So this could finally be the option to enjoy 4K at 60fps natively, without having to choose between the classic Fidelity, Performance and other Performance RT modes. Who says more powerful console also says, in addition to the improvement of resolution and frequency, more details at the level of graphics and an increased screen density: more NPCs, more vegetation, more visual effects. In short, more of everything!

Although current third-party games generally offer a very clean visual rendering, Microsoft’s exclusives could get into the guts of the machine to offer even more beautiful graphical slaps, like what the competition with Uncharted 4 can offer. and God of War in their hour, or Horizon Forbidden West and The Last Of Us Part II more recently. The arrival of a more powerful console would thus make it possible to exploit the know-how of the developers to offer even more visually striking works.

The Emergence of Ray-Tracing

As for Ray-Tracing, the increased power of a new series could again allow this technology to win in rendering and performance. Thus, we could benefit from a more extensive and more pronounced Ray-Tracing without having to lose resolution or display frequency to take full advantage of it.

Still too neglected by many developers because this technology is very resource-intensive, this technology could thus take advantage of this new machine to express itself clearly and further improve various lighting effects in the quest for realism.

Still in terms of technologies, Microsoft could see fit to increase its efforts in terms of the reproduction of the sound offered by its console, improving the spatialization of the sound in the room a little more, as well as its mix.

A small change to the design

In terms of the design and visual aspect of the machine, Xbox would certainly benefit from offering an even lighter and smaller console than the Xbox Series X, although we agree that we are still very far from the juggernaut that is PS5, and the size of the Series S is already very small enough to fit pretty much anywhere.

Aside from a reduction in size and weight, the design could also change slightly, similar to what was done between the Xbox One and Xbox One X.

Like efforts to add many technologies, Microsoft should continue its progress with ventilation and overheating of the machine. As it stands, the Xbox series remains quite quiet and does not overheat particularly: a point that we obviously hope to find on the next machine with perhaps the addition of a new liquid cooling system.

Similarly, will the company choose to focus on a single version of the Xbox Series, or will the S and X versions each be entitled to their new iteration? On our side, we would choose a single model.

A new controller

It could also be interesting to see a USB port appear on the front of the console, combined with a controller that finally works only on battery!

In addition to this first improvement, the next Xbox Series controller could see its classic version, or at least its Elite version, come closer to what DualSense offers with many features: adaptive triggers, haptic feedback and more realistic vibrations. The arrival of a new model could make it possible to further improve the ergonomics of the controller.

VR lens?

Always looking to expand its offerings and offer something new, Xbox could just as easily compete with PlayStation by offering its own VR headset. Although PSVR2, planned for next year, already seems quite technologically advanced, Microsoft may want to take the leap by offering its own equipment of this type. And then there is nothing stopping them, especially not their bank account!

And then the price?

But despite our wishes, our expectations and our hopes: an important element, perhaps the most important, still needs to be addressed. In addition to the release date, which could be estimated to be between the end of 2023 and the end of 2024, it is of course the price that will tip the balance for many players towards a potential purchase!

But then will Microsoft follow the same logic as for the Xbox One X and offer the next Xbox series at a price similar to the base price of the Series X, thus staying below the symbolic bar of €500 (at least for the model with a disc drive)? Otherwise, a higher price could unfortunately put some people off… And what about marketing a new machine, knowing that some may still not have been able to get an Xbox Series X due to lack of stock?

Do not hesitate to tell us what you think about all this and what would be your expectations and wishes for the future Microsoft console?

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