Lorraine A drunk driver in Stan Square, a 120 kg grenade in the Meuse, a car stuck on a semi-trailer… Unusual miscellaneous events of the week

Spectacular accident in Villers: a car stuck on a semi-trailer

A spectacular accident. Photo ER/Yves PIERRE

A spectacular accident took place on Thursday 18 August in Villers-lès-Nancy. A driver could not avoid the semi-trailer parked on the boulevard des Aiguillettes for service reasons. While the wheels on the right side of the vehicle engaged the bed of the semi-trailer, the wheels on the left borrowed the roadway, putting the driver in an uncomfortable situation to say the least.

> Fortunately, this accident caused no injuries and thanks to the skill of the repairman, the driver was able to get back on the road

Meuse: deminers intervene to dislodge a 120 kg shell

The demining services had to drag it from one side of the Maas to the other. The grenade was then loaded onto a demining service vehicle. Photo IS /Benoit COLLET

On Tuesday, a team of deminers from Metz intervened in Troyon to extract a 120 kg grenade dating from the Great War. It was nestled in a bank of the Meuse, opposite a small beach where people used to swim. The explosive had been found shortly before by a resident of Troyon who was strolling by the river.

> “This type of intervention, we have them every other year,” recalled the mayor of Troyon

The Vosges: traveling to Urbex, they discover a rotting body

The body was found by two young men who had been exploring a house that had been unoccupied for about ten years. Illustrative photo ER /Lionel VADAM

While practicing Urbex (Ed.note: urban exploration) in an abandoned house in Celles-sur-Plaine, two young men made a macabre discovery. They found a decomposing body in a house that had been unoccupied for a decade.

> The deceased would be a homeless man, Polish by origin, 33 years old

Nancy: Thieves remove… the gate to a sewage treatment plant

The employees of the municipal community established that the treatment plant’s portal had disappeared.

On Tuesday, the employees of the communes of Pays du Sel and Vermois made a startling discovery: the gate that closes access to the sewage treatment plant’s settling basin had disappeared. By July 21, the door had already been forced open.

> Anyone who has seen individuals is invited to come forward

Waterworks: the minor who tries to shake off the police acted via Snapchat

The young suspect was dealing in cannabis. Illustrative photo ER /Lionel VADAM

While a crew from the anti-crime brigade was patrolling Vandoeuvre, a young man ran away and got away with a bag. In the sprint, it was the BAC officials who won the chase. One hundred grams of herbal cannabis were found as well as €60.

> This 17-year-old shopped via the social network Snapchat

Nancy: a drunk driver crashes into Place Stanislas after crossing a security bollard

The driver, drunk, managed to cross the security bollard, which blocks access to Place Stanislas, on the door side of Héré. Photo archive ER /MATHIS

Tourists and passers-by strolling the Place Stan in Nancy on Thursday, August 18, were treated to a big surprise. Around 3 p.m. they saw a Volvo S60 tumble down the fragile cobblestones of the French’s favorite monument.

The driver, a doctor from Nancy in his sixties, managed to cross the security bollard blocking access to the square after the small tourist train. Alarmed, a municipal police patrol brought the vehicle out of Place Stan.

> But it doesn’t stop there. He was drunk, rioting with a policeman and trying to armbar him

The Vosges: a crazy driver arrested by three motorists

Once the man was out of his vehicle, he claimed he wanted to kill himself. Illustrative photo ER /Christine DUMAS

It’s another maniac seen on the road at Xonrupt-Longemer. The man was involved in dangerous driving and almost caused several accidents. He ended up getting stopped in his mad dash, not by the police… but by three other drivers. However, the maneuver was risky.

> Once the man was out of his vehicle, he claimed he wanted to end his life

Mosel: a forty-year-old tries to steal a motorcycle … in front of a plainclothes policeman

Convicted in immediate appearance, at the Metz court, the defendant was sentenced to eight months in prison with a commitment order. Photo archive RL/Karim SIARI

With 34 mentions, including 29 convictions, in his criminal record, this 42-year-old defendant did not convince the court. On the evening of August 15, he attempted to steal a motorcycle… under the eyes of an off-duty policeman who informed the BAC. Facts he denied. “I just pushed that bike about 40 meters and put it back on the rack. I couldn’t do it anymore. I didn’t steal anything.”

> The representative of the prosecution regrets “a defendant in very bad faith”, the court followed the requisitions of the prosecution

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