The 5 portable backpacks you absolutely need for back-to-school

Do you need a high-performance backpack to carry your precious laptop and all its accessories? Our committee is there to help you before class.

Back to school is coming soon, and if you obviously have to choose your laptop first, you also need to be able to transport it safely on a daily basis. To go to work or go to classes, nothing beats a good backpack to accommodate the maximum number of accessories.

How do you choose your laptop backpack?

As often, it all depends on your expectations and the characteristics of your trip. If you travel by bicycle, you don’t necessarily have the same needs regarding comfort than a person traveling on foot, by bus or metro. Depending on the amount of accessories you want in the bag, it can cut and form of it are essential criteria to be taken into account.

Whose design and choice of color of your bag are very important to you, we advise you to contact the manufacturers’ stores instead. They generally offer a wider range of colors than traditional trading sites.

Be that as it may, the important thing is to ensure the best possible protection of your devices on the go. As such, our selection of laptop backpacks aims to be as useful as possible for each of the criteria we’ve set out.

What is the most robust backpack to protect your computer?

The brand specializes in travel backpacks AMBOR sign here a incredibly complete and safe waterproof model. This professional laptop backpack (but not only) has a password lock and a double metal zipper to avoid any risk of theft. Get peace of mind: your belongings will fear nothing.

This computer bag is praised for its ergonomics (it can also be used as luggage with dedicated straps) and is also for large space offered to the user : It includes 2 main pockets, 9 inner pockets, 2 side pockets and frees up space for your laptop, smartphone, tablet, USB drive, wallet, books and other daily items.

The little extra about this model is that it contains a USB charger on the outside and a charging cable on the inside. So you can recharge one or more of your devices while on the go, without limitations. A very practical feature which contributes to the popularity of this backpack which is currently for sale on Amazon. Click on the picture to see the offer.

Professional laptop backpack AMBOR – €32.18 instead of €36.99 Amazon

What is the best backpack for bike tours?

Do you travel on two wheels to get to your workplace? This is the perfect opportunity to choose one waterproof and very comfortable bag, which won’t get in the way when you’re on the move. The brand’s divisional model Timbuk 2 is all that. Its perfectly structured back and thick straps make it a champion of comforteven when fully loaded.

As you would expect from a bag made for traveling by bike, it also has one chest belt to stay stable on the back. Its quality fabric withstands showers, even if you are advised not to go out in a downpour. Finally, when it comes to protecting your accessories, this model offers perfect organization with several storage compartments inside and a padded compartment for storing your computer.

The Division Timbuk2 Computer Backpack – €163.83 Amazon

Which Eastpack backpack should you choose for your laptop?

An absolute teen classic, Eastpack bags are by far the most popular on the market, and not just between middle school and high school. As often with the brand’s backpacks, the design is simple and to the point. Comfortable to wear, this model not in the office has a padded back and shoulder straps ensures a comfortable fit in all conditions. The main compartment has a spacious front pocket to hold all your small accessories (cables, keys, books, etc.) in addition to your PC.

This backpack suitable for laptops up to 16 inches, but not the 17-inch ones that are too big to fit inside. Currently, this iconic bag is discounted on Amazon. We let you click on the image to see the offer.

Eastpack Out of Office Laptop Backpack – €34.90 instead of €39.99 Amazon

What is the best backpack to carry all your accessories?

In addition to accommodating your laptop, a good backpack must also be able to provide space for the accessories that come with it. The brand Della Gao have thought of you by offering a large capacity bag, able to accommodate a 17-inch computer as well as all your items thanks to countless storage spaces inside.

Equipped with a strong anti-theft device and possibility to charge your devices during your travelsthis popular backpack (4.5 out of 5 Amazon stars from more than 8000 reviews) is currently for sale.

Della Gao Large Capacity Computer Backpack – €39.99 instead of €59.99 Amazon

What is the best backpack under 50 euros to carry your computer?

For the tightest budgets, there are also very good alternatives to the most well-known bags. This is the case with this WENIG backpack, available for both 15 inch and 17 inch models. If its finish is basic and its design has nothing special to offer, it perfectly fulfills its primary function: to protect your computer while providing space for accessories.

However, the practical functions have not been omitted since this backpack has an external USB port which makes it possible to deport the connector of an external battery. Its capacity is 22 liters and it has many internal pockets to store your belongings. In short, solid at a low price.

WENIG Laptop Backpack – €30 instead of €43.99 Amazon

How to store your backpack correctly?

To best protect your belongings, you need to know how to organize the storage of your backpack. Here are some helpful tips to respect your business:

  • Start by putting the heaviest and most bulky items at the bottom of the bagand keep them as close to your back as possible to maintain better balance when you move.
  • The pockets are very useful for storing your smallest accessories (smartphones, chargers, cables and USB keys), so feel free to use them instead of cramming everything in one place.
  • To provide additional protection for your laptop, invest in a PC or Mac sleeve. They will further prevent the risk of bumps and scratches caused by an accident.
  • Avoid storing your most valuable personal belongings (keys, wallets) in an easily accessible exterior pocketbecause they are easy targets for malicious people.
  • To combat gunk that can build up over time, you should empty your bag regularly. It is possible that there is debris in it without you noticing.

You are now ready to go!

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