An alleged sexual exhibitionist in prison, a fall from a roof, stones against a police car… The various facts about Nièvre in brief

An alleged sexual exhibitionist could not be immediately brought before the Criminal Court of Nevers, Thursday, August 18, because a psychiatrist could not be found to examine him, as required by the procedure. In accordance with the public prosecutor’s requisitions, Alexa Carpentier, the 24-year-old suspect, also suspected of rioting when police arrested him, was remanded in custody until Tuesday, September 27, the day of his trial.
The man is said to have masturbated on a bench in Place Guy-Coquille in Nevers on Wednesday 17 August. He then allegedly tried to kick the police who had come to arrest him. A repeated act of rebellion. “During his custody”, emphasized the public prosecutor, “he admitted the facts. So denied, incited a conspiracy”.

His criminal record shows a dozen convictions since 2017. He was recently released from prison.

A fire in a pile of bark at Biosyl in Cosne-sur-Loire

A fire broke out on Friday, August 19 around 9:15 a.m. in an impressive pile of bark in the wood storage area of ​​the Biosyl plant, very close to a dozen piles of logs being dried. The fermentation of this bark may be the cause of the accident.

The emergency response deployed an impressive system supplemented by other means of attack which arrived during the day as reinforcements. Twenty-five firefighters were on the job from the start of the disaster.

At the end of the day, the fire was still being fought by the emergency services. The battle against the flames promised to be a long one.

A car hits a pole in Coulanges-lès-Nevers

A motorist lost control of his car, which then hit an electricity pole on Tuesday, August 16 at around 5 p.m., rue Simone-de-Beauvoir. Injured, he was taken to Nevers hospital by firefighters.

He falls from a roof in Chitry-les-Mines

A man fell from the roof of a shed he was working on on Tuesday 16th August at around 10am. He was treated by firefighters and taken to Clamecy hospital.

A burglarized house in Clamecy

Multimedia equipment in particular was stolen from a property overnight between Wednesday 17 August and Thursday 18 August. The thief forced open the front door.

Motorist injured in Marzy

A motorist suffered minor injuries in the collision between her car and a bus on Thursday, August 18, around 10 p.m. near the Buffalo Grill restaurant in Ward 40. She was taken to the hospital by firefighters.

One injured in a car trip in Entrains-sur-Nohain

A motorist lost control of his car on Monday, August 15 at around 12:40 in a bend on branch road 957. He was injured and transported to Clamecy hospital by firefighters.

A collision between a car and a tractor in Metz-le-Comte

A car and a tractor collided on the municipal road between Metz-le-Comte and Teigny, on Tuesday 16 August at around 10:15. Two injured were taken to Clamecy hospital by firefighters.

Stones against a gendarmerie vehicle in Cosne-sur-Loire

A gendarmerie vehicle was the target of stone-throwing during the night between Saturday 13 August and Sunday 14 August during the attempt to intercept a person on a scooter in the Bords de Loire district. The car’s windshield was damaged. Neither the perpetrators of the damage nor the scooter driver could be arrested.

A stubble fire in Corbigny

Firefighters quickly brought to an end a stubble fire in a field on Sunday, August 14th around 7:30am. The fire destroyed an area of ​​500 m².

… then a second in Suilly-la-Tour

Four hectares of stumps burned on Saturday 13 August in meadows along the Pouilly-sur-Loire road. The fire broke out around 2 p.m.

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