The business of love, a program presented by Marie-Sophie Lacarrau

To 8 out of 10 French love is a life ideal and a great concern. From dating sites to marriage professionals, the heart industry represents a market at the center of all strategies. Appointment Wednesday 9 March at 11.25 pm. talking about love, love business!

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that the business of love is far from knowing the crisis. It’s a juicy, booming market that pays big.

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In Situ – trailer “The Business of Love”

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Of Valentine’s Daythe lovers’ village in Indre at Paris Passing by ChevernyMarie-Sophie Lacarrau deciphers the various businesses linked to love (dating sites, romantic getaways, wedding planning agency, Dating Assistant…) and reveals, with supporting reports, behind the scenes of Love. .with a big “HAVE” as a company:

Strasbourg my love

Every year, the city of Strasbourg organizes a Valentine’s Day in the image of its famous Christmas market. Animations, hotels, restaurants, shops, put on the colors of love to welcome lovers. Ten days of romantic events dedicated to love! A report by Cécile Poure – Writing France 3 Alsace

French lingerie

To love is also to make oneself beautiful. curious, is a new brand of high-end women’s underwear that has nothing to envy the most prestigious brands. Created by former employees from Aubade, it offers 100% French lingerie for all women. Bespoke or bespoke pieces in a wide range of sizes and colours. The French art of seduction! A report by Marie-Ange Cristofari – Writing France 3 Poitou-Charentes

A golden love

When you love, you don’t count, and a jewel remains a precious object to declare your love or for a lasting commitment. And that the jewelers understood it well! A market of almost 2 billion euros drawn by the HISTOIRE D’OR brand with the three most successful jewelery sales companies in France. A report by Aude Blacher – Writing France 3 Paris Ile-de-France


Despite the economic crisis, the marriage market is doing well. According to a study by Xerfi, there are 250,000 marriages per year in France and a turnover of almost 5 million euros in 2015 for this sector. Despite declining purchasing power, we don’t hesitate with the means when it comes to weddings, and the wedding dress forms an important part of the budget for a wedding. Survey at Pronuptia, number 1 in the sale of wedding dresses. A report by Thierry Fourmy – Writing France 3 Pays de la Loire

When love gives wings… and brings back business!

This new track “In Situ” will be broadcast on Wednesday 9 March at 23:25 on France 3.

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The concept of the show

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